The Unseen (27 mai 2005)

Voici une entrevue que nous avons réalisé avec Mark Unseen du groupe The Unseen. Le groupe vient de lancer un nouvel album sur Hellcat Records, State Of Discontent . Vous pouvez avoir plus d’information sur le groupe en visitant ou .

The Unseen has been around for over ten years, without any real change within the lineup of the band. What's the secret to that?

Well we had 1 major change. Our rythm guitarist who also sang a few songs he left the and 2 years ago. but we still do have 3 our of 4 original members thats not band at all for a band thats been around for 10 years.

The band started out releasing material on AF, the moved on to BYO and is currently dealing with Hellcat. How did you hook up with HellCat, and what made the band switch labels so often?

Well we didnt change often i think we did things right. we did 2 records on af who at the time wer a real small label. then the sterns at byo started talkin to us. we felt after 2 records on a-f- it was time for a move. byo was amazing for us they helped us grow a lot and taught us a lot. the hellcat move was simmiler after 2 albums on byo we felt we needed a bigger label. a label with more distro esp in europe and japan. we got on hellcat because tim armstrong heard a few new demos we cut. he used one of them "waste of time" on the give em the boot 4. he then invited us to be a part of the hellcat family.

Are you happy with what you're getting from HellCat?

Yes absolutly we honestly could have went to another label and gotten more money to make a record but we knew hellcat was the right place for us. we met with brett from bad religion who owns epitaph and co runs hellcat with tim and i just had a feeling that this was the place to go.

You just released your sixth full-length, The State Of Discontent, earlier this month. What makes this record stand out from the others?

I consider it our 5th. the singles collection is not a real album. but anyway i think what makes this album different is that we spent a lot more time and money on this album. we also had help from ken casey and brett gurewitz. haveing 2 guys that have been making albums for years relly helped us.

The Unseen still have much to say and to unleash into the world. Does the fact that this world is getting a bit more fucked up every day constitute a source of inspiration for the band?

Hahaha yes defintly. it seems the older i get more pist i get. either the world is getting worse every year or im just getting bitter.

The Unseen is a band that carries lots of messages through its music and lyrics. Is there a specific theme that you feel is more important to you than others?

I dont know. i try not to write about the same thing over and over. me and tripp just write what we feel at the time a song is written. we write about everyday life and what is going on in the world or prehaps what is going on in our lives personaly at the time. if we ever start writng about cars and money then please someone put a bullet in my head.

How was the shooting for the Scream Out video?

It was a long process. my buddy ian he did it for us. he plays bass for "blood for blood' we chose him to do the video because we wanted a video made by someone who is fro our world someone who truly knows what we are about. anyway we shot it in a empty office space. ian had all the ideas how it would be lit the color of everything ect. i think it came out great. it can be viewed at candas much music just picked it up i guess they have a saturday night show that airs punk videos?? i dont know i dont have much music they also have it up on the main page of the much website. us right along side of u2 and eminem hahaha. how fuckin odd is that.

What's the first punk record you ever bought?

I belive it was misfits-- walk amoung us.

What (current) bands out there do you most associate with, and what did you grow up listening to?

Current bands im freinds with and think are real good are ramallah, blood for blood, career soldiers. as for bands i grew up listing to aus rotten, the pist, samhain, black flag, sex pistols, minor threat,gbh ect

How did you end up starting ADD Records? What's going on with that nowadays?

I started it about 8 years ago. i started it because i wanted to release a good comp. one with bands i liked a lot and wer current punk bands. i got oxymoron,casualties, discocks, unseen, broken,anti-flag and a few others and made sound of rebellion it is now a classic comp. now the label is not doing much im way to bizzy with the unseen. im helping a few young bands the ghouls im gonna do a e.p. for them. and career soldiers i did a cd for them last year. im doing shit for a few bands i really like and can afford to help.

You guys have been on the Warped Tour a few times; what are the pros and cons of the whole event, from a band's perspective?

Well the pros are you get to play infront of a lot of kids and meet a few new bands you may like. also people should realize when a band tours on their own sometimes places like iowa,arkansas they may be skipped because the turnout of the gig would be probly 16 kids. now if you are lucky enough to play warped tour in a place like that it gives you a great chance to show some people what the fuck punk rock is. now its worth going back to that town on your own to see if warped paid off. most of the time it does. sometimes kids just dont know about punk and after a band like unseen or casualties plays something like warped it gives a kid a chance to find out about punk. as for cons well here is the basic drill of warped. arive at the venue around 8am. load all your gear about a half mile (im serious) next set up your merch tent. now its about 11 am. doors are at 12 so you do what you need to then. then you find out what time you play. you play a half hour so you have a lot of free time to hang out in 100 degree weather haha. you cant leave the venue untill 10:30pm and then the drives are about 7 hours so you hjave to drive all night long to get to the next town on time. then you do it all over. the cons suck but the end result is woth it.

Street punk has always remained far away from the mainstream. A few years ago, I never would have thought that hardcore would be the next big thing. Do you ever fear that this may, one day, happen to this genre/scene?

I dont know if a band remains true to what they sound like and get big then im all for it. rancid got big and they didnt change there style to do so. i just think it sucks and is lame when a band totally changes the music and image to sell records. bands like bad religion,rancid,motorhead,slayer, hatebreed, those are bands that did what they wanted and sold records to me thats great.

If you had to put out a benefit show, what bands would play, what cause would you support and where would you hold the event?

I’d do something for habitat for humanity they are a group that builds homes for familys that are working and cant make ends meet. i know how important this group is they gave my mom a house abut 12 years ago. we wer on the brink of homelessness. the house is built for free and sold to the owner for about 20.000 dollars basicly the monthly charge is about 400 bucks thats a lot less then what a apartment is. id ask bands to play that would truly belive in the cause. it would be the unseen, blood for blood, casualties, those are bands that 1. are freinds with me 2. also they come from nothing and would do it to help a good cause.

What's the scene like in Boston these days? Any local bands we should check out?

I have not been home for a year so im not sure hahaha. good locals to check out ramallah and a band called crash and burn they just released a cd on thorpe records.

When I think of Canada, I think of?

Not being able to get throught the border hahaha. we have so much fuckin trouble thats why we never go.

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