A Day To Remember (18 juin 2005)

Hey my name is Josh, I play bass in A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember is a fairly young band. Can you tell us about what made you want to start this band and how the whole thing came together?

All of us had been in bands before, and wanted to move to something more serious. A few of the members from ADTR were in a band called 2 Days 2 Late, and decided to call it quits for something new. They picked up Jeremy (our singer), and after letting go of a guitarist and a bassist they picked up Neil and me. We just have been writing together since, everyone just meshes really well.

Did you go through many lineup changes yet?

A Day To Remember had a different bassist and guitarist when the whole thing started. Neil had been a good friend with everyone in the band and started playing guitar with them, and I had been going to their shows for a while and they just knew who I was, so when they lost their bassist I just started coming to practices playing with them. The end result is what we are today.

Are any of you involved with music in any other way outside of ADTR?

Everyone plays on their own time and all, but as for like side projects, no we aren’t involved with any other groups. We all have filled in for bands that needed help at a certain time, but we try to keep all of our focus on A Day To Remember.

When did you collectively realize that this band was getting serious?

I remember a particular show when every kid in the room was singing our stuff and the whole floor was a big pit. We were so shocked because it was like out of nowhere. The kids had never participated that much before, and ever since then we knew what we were capable of doing. From then it’s just been something we knew could potentially get big.

To this date, what do you feel most proud of?

I would probably say we are most proud of just writing a really quality record in our opinions and getting enough attention to be picked up by a label to release it. It’s been mind-blowing how it all has happened, and how it did so fast. We’re just really proud with the overall progress we’ve made as a band and as individuals trying to do something they love.

What's the Ocala music scene like these days? What was it like for ADTR when you first started?

There isn’t a whole lot going on in the Ocala music scene right now, there are a few bands who have really made the decision to get serious with their music which is really rad. When we first started Underoath had been big for a while already and Seventh Star was beginning to blow up so the kids were all really into hardcore at the time. The scene was a lot different back then and definitely influenced what would become A Day To Remember.

Are there any bands from your area that we should know about?

There are a few good bands you should definitely check out. There is a good pop-punk band called Midnight Aria who just got picked up by a label and should be doing some really big things in the near future. A really good straight-edge band featuring the original lead singer of Seventh Star called This Is My Rifle is getting their stuff together and should be hitting the road soon. You all probably already know plenty about Seventh Star, but they just released a really good new album that you should check out. That’s about all that’s happening in Ocala these days.

ADTR's sound is a mix of different sounds - how would you describe your music?

Well our music usually comes out mixing really catchy parts with heavy breakdowns, so the title of pop-mosh has kinda stuck with us. It’s kinda lame but it fits and people have been calling us that for a while now, so whatever. We just write what we like and don’t try to fit into any certain sound. Our music is definitely not conventional, but we just try to write what we are influenced by, and that’s been hardcore and really catchy pop stuff.

What (current) bands out there do you most associate with, and what did you grow up listening to?

I guess a bigger band that is doing kind of the same thing as us right now would be someone like Evergreen Terrace. I know they are a lot harder than us, but they are mixing hard stuff with sing parts. We have been really influenced by that band and some of us talk to the guys when they’re around, so I could say we probably associate with them the most. And as for what bands we grew up listening to, we all have always been into Blink and A New Found Glory. Everyone thinks we are kidding when we tell them that just because we have hard parts, but seriously those bands are amazing and will always be two of our favorites. We all grew up with older Underoath in our cd players, not only because they were from the same town doing what we could only dream of doing, but the music was rad and just definitely influenced the harder aspects of all of our musical tastes.

How did you hook up with Indianola Records? Are you happy with them so far?

We had friends on the label that I’m sure helped push our name, and we had just tried to keep some form of contact with the owners Matt and John for quite some time. They just really out of nowhere contacted me and where like We’re interested in picking you guys up, and the rest is history. We couldn’t ask for more from Indianola. The guys are amazing to us, and are working so hard for us. They have done an amazing job so far with the distribution of the record, and helping set up our tours until we hop on some sort of agency. We are all really happy with our label and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for the both of us.

Your first CD, And Their Name Was Treason, came out earlier this year. It's really an awesome record. Can you tell us about what the recording process was like and what the finished product means to you?

The recording process only lasted around 3 or 4 weeks, but it seemed like a really long 3 or 4 weeks. It was tedious, but we wanted to be meticulous, and make it as close to perfect as we could with the time we were allotted. It was a great experience, and we all are very pleased with the record. Of course we are going to be critical of our own music, but we all feel that in the end we made a record that could be appreciated.

What's behind the title or the record?

There are obviously lyrics that portray unfaithfulness within relationships, and the album title kinda just goes along with that. It’s about how people can be treasonous in various aspects of life.

What kind of differences are there between your full length and your previous EP? Do you have any other recordings out there?

Our EP had 4 or 5 songs that are on the full-length, but the full-length versions are obviously re-mixed and re-mastered to flow with the songs we added to the album. There are a few additions we added to the older songs, but nothing too significant. Yeah you might be unfortunate enough to run into an old demo of ours from way back in the day, but I pray for your ear’s sakes you never do. Haha. We’ve definitely grown as musicians and as a band overall.

What themes/messages can we find in your songs?

Our songs are obviously emotionally charged, so our lyrics are something everyone can relate to. You all have been hurt in a relationship or had someone stab you in the back. We just wrote music expressing how we feel about those certain situations of life.

What have you been up to since the record came out?

We have been playing a few local shows, and just been getting really tight with our set for tour. When we aren’t playing music together some of us skate and we just try to keep ourselves busy before we head out on the road.

Your website is still not up - what's up with that?

Haha. Yeah the delay on our site is getting pretty ridiculous. The person who is doing it got really bogged down with prior projects and is just now starting to work interruption-free on ours. So you should be on the lookout for the site getting up in the near future. By the way the site is www.ADTRonline.com .

You've had the opportunity to share the stage with bands like Underoath, Calico System, Glasseater and many more. Do you have any memorable shows/moments to tell us about?

Nothing too special, anytime you’re on a show with a band of their statures, it’s going to be a memorable how. When you play shows with bands like that your guaranteed to have a good time and learn something from the way they handle themselves while getting to see a sick show. They are all memorable.

You're going to be playing the Warped Tour in Tampa later this summer. How did that come about? Are you playing any other dates?

We won the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands competition, and got thrown onto the date. We aren’t on any other dates of the tour, but hey if someone wants to help out and get us on a few more we wouldn’t complain. Haha. We’re really excited about the date we are playing and if anymore pop up we’ll be stoked about those.

You're going to be on the road throughout June and July with Caldwell and Orion. What are you going to be up to next?

After the tour with Orion and Caldwell we are heading back up to Detroit Michigan to play Death Fest 05, and then heading home for a short period of time. We then are heading down to Tampa to play Warped Tour 05 and heading out on another month or so tour in August is being worked on right now. We plan on keeping busy and getting the record into as many kids hands as possible.

If you had to put out a benefit show, where would you hold the event, what bands would play and what cause would you support?

We would hold the event at a place with really nice sound like the House of Blues or something. We would play with Blink and A New Found Glory because they are honestly two of our favorite bands, and we would be playing in support of cancer patients because it’s a serious problem and needs to be given as much attention as possible.

What quote first comes to your mind?

Suck It !! Degeneration X. God I loved those guys. X-Pac was the man.

When I think of Canada, I think of.

Maple leaves and lots of snow.

Are you guys planning on touring across the border any time soon?

There are no set plans to do anything out of the states yet, but we would love to. It would be an awesome experience and I know we would be up for it, the opportunity just hasn’t arose yet. Some day soon.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer these questions. Any last words?

We just want everyone to know how much their support means to us. We are gonna be on the road for most of the year, so just keeping checking www.indianolarecords.com for more details on when we are gonna be around. Thanks again

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