No Use For A Name (19 mars 2006)

Nous avons eu la chance de nous entretenir avec le groupe californien NO USE FOR A NAME lors de leur passage à Montréal le 3 mars dernier. Voici donc l’entretien qui fut des plus intéressants.

[ALEX] So, you’re back in Montréal for the second time in six months. What made you want to come back after such a short period of time?

[NUFAN] Montréal is a really special place for us, to be honest with you. Kids here are amazing. With the help of the radio, Rej at Musiqueplus and all that kind of stuff, Montréal has always been a special place for us. The shows are always very good, and we look forward to coming here because we know that people expect great things from us and we want to try to bring new things for everybody, so it’s just good all the way around for the band.

[ALEX] Rej and 1-2-3 Punk give a good boost to the local scene…

[NUFAN] Yes! It’s great; the scene in Canada, especially in Montréal, is still very strong, it hasn’t been over saturated and changed around a lot. It happens a lot in the States, it’s a lot more driven by money and there’s more politics involved. Here, people don’t judge that much; if it’s good, it’s good and that’s what is important.

[ALEX] You guys played the Exo Fest in Québec city this summer, how was that?

[NUFAN] Yeah, that show was great, it was a lot of fun because I remember we played a lot of songs that we hadn’t played live.

[ALEX] Yeah, the record just came out…

[NUFAN] Yes, with part two and some of the other songs. It was a good experience, watching bands all day and you get to walk around and rock out. We were there the whole day, we got there early in the morning… we were there for the whole thing.

[ALEX] Have you guys had the time to check out some of our local bands, like THE SAINTE-CATHERINES who just signed with Fat Wreck?

[NUFAN] I haven’t! But I heard some of them might be coming over to see me or whatever, so I’m looking forward to it. We were in Orlando with NOFX and Fat Mike talked about it, we’re all really excited.

[ALEX] And what do you think of all the new bands on Fat Wreck, like SMOKE OR FIRE, for example?

[NUFAN] They’re good! I think it’s a great thing for Fat Wreck, you know? I think Fat maintains what people love it for… good bands, no bullshit; just punk rock bands. And I think Mike is getting really successful with signing a lot of bands that are, like AGAINST ME!, that are just really good.

[ALEX] Speaking of AGAINST ME!, they just did like ANTI-FLAG and signed to a major label…

[NUFAN] If the band chose to do that, you can’t blame them for it. The good thing is, the way that I see it, is that bands like RISE AGAINST, they never did one negative thing about where they come from, they understand what punk rock is about, they just feel it’s the right thing to do and the next step to take for their bands. We’re all friends and we’re so thankful to be doing this as a living.

[ALEX] And has NO USE FOR A NAME ever been tempted to sign to a major label?

[NUFAN] Not really, it’s not the best thing for us. We have a good friendship with Mike and… if we feel, at one point in our life, that it’s the thing to do, then fine, but I don’t see that happening.

[ALEX] Let’s talk about the new record. How is the reaction from the fans?

[NUFAN] It’s been good! It’s a darker record for us… There’s a lot of slower stuff, but the overall reaction has been really strong, and we’re really happy with that album. I love that album to be honest with you, after trying to think of it not as someone who has to play it, you know? I’m happy with the work we put into it.

[ALEX] How come the release of the EP has been put on hold?

[NUFAN] Well, we have this tour coming up, my wife and I are having a baby…literally, in like the next couple of days! So, I’m leaving tonight after the show and Scott, Chris’s brother is going to come and fill in for me for the rest of the tour. Thanks Scott!! So, we have this tour coming up, then we’re going to record some songs, and release ep and someday a dvd.

[ALEX] Do you already have new material?

[NUFAN] Well, we have songs that didn’t make it on Keep Them Confused, we have cover songs which are always fun…

[ALEX] You shot a video not too long ago, how was that and did you like it?

[NUFAN] It’s weird, you have to rock out with a camera in front of you. It’s a bit awkward. You feel like everybody is staring at you, you know? But you know… it’s fun.

[ALEX] Is there going to be another video off Keep Them Confused?

[NUFAN] No, I don’t think so. One is enough [laughs].

[ALEX] You guys toured with THE SUICIDE MACHINES, how did that happen?

[NUFAN] A lot of it happened because of the booking agent. We just were talking and you know there’s so many tours with so many different bands right now and we wanted to put on one ourselves. Way before I was in the band, I think it was like ten years ago, they toured with THE SUICIDE MACHINES, and Jay and everybody, they’re all good people…so it made sense to tour with them.

[ALEX] So what’s next for you guys?

[NUFAN] We’re touring, we’ll release that EP, and we’ll work on songs. Then we take the summer off, then we go to Japan in September. We’ll just keep things going, you know, and we’ll come back here and hopefully people will still like us!

[ALEX] Well, thank you for doing this!

[NUFAN] No problem, thank you!

Un gros merci à Rob chez Fat Wreck, à notre collaborateur Alexandre pour avoir realisé l’entrevue ainsi qu’à Emmanuelle pour sa participation active à l’entrevue.

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