Final Thought (10 juillet 2009)

Entrevue de Mlle Max avec Dustin

FINAL THOUGHT est un groupe pop-punk émergent qui fait bouger la scène locale de Barrie, en Ontario. Ils sont de passage à Montréal au Café L’Inco vendredi le 10 juillet pour leur tournée en support à l’organisme To Write Love On Her Arms. Voici un bref entretien avec Dustin Dopsa, chanteur et leader de la formation.

[MLLE MAX]: First of all, can you describe FINAL THOUGHT and tell us what you do in the band?

[DUSTIN]: My name is Dustin and I play guitar and sing when onstage. Behind the scenes I do the song writing as well, so I play pretty much every instrument. And when describing FINAL THOUGHT, I would definitely say we are a pop-rock band that can have a bit of a heavier influence at times.

[MLLE MAX]: What are your main musical and lyrical influences? How does it work for the writing process?

[DUSTIN]: My main musical influences are probably U2, and BLINK 182. I like UNDEROATH a lot too, and hundreds of other bands; but those are the first that come to mind. For lyrical influence I would say it comes from anything and everything in my everyday life. I write about experiences I have had or gone through or been a part of because I’ve seen a friend go through it. I want everything I write to have some kind of meaning so it’s not just a “pop song”. The writing process is different every time, but usually I will write a catchy melody first with vowel sounds (no lyrics just singing the melody), and build everything around that.

[MLLE MAX]: What does the Barrie music scene look like?

[DUSTIN]: The Barrie music scene has had its ups and down within the last little while, but it’s on the up again. We seem to be somewhat getting back our all ages venue; that will be a huge help.

[MLLE MAX]: You shared the stage with bands such as SILVERSTEIN, ATTACK IN BLACK, TEN SECOND EPIC and SOCIAL CODE, to name a few. You also participated in Barrie’s Earth Hour Music Festival and, more recently, the S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival. Can you tell us about your experience in playing in such big shows?

[DUSTIN]: They were both really fun. SCENE fest was not necessarily a “big show” as everyone plays in separate venues, but it was still a great time. The Earth Hour show in Barrie was awesome, anytime you get to play on a big stage like that it’s a real treat.

[MLLE MAX]: In January you released your second EP Take This Home totally independently (big high five for that, by the way). Can you talk to us about the recording process?

[DUSTIN]: We took our time with the recording of the EP; we did it at a friend’s house so the environment was awesome. We still used pro gear but had all the time we needed to get the sounds that we wanted and shape the songs so they would be portrayed correctly to our audience. The recording studio is my favourite thing about being in a band, I thrive in the studio. With every new idea I get even more excited and it makes me even more focused on making the song as good as it can possibly be.

[MLLE MAX]: What are your motivations for keeping it independent? Are there any labels that were looking for signing with FINAL THOUGHT?

[DUSTIN]: We are always open to opportunities, but for now we are going to give it 123% as an indie band and see where that takes us.

[MLLE MAX]: How do you use new media to promote the band?

[DUSTIN]: I try and use the internet to our advantage as much as possible, but I still believe that word of mouth is still the best way to get someone new out to a show.

[MLLE MAX]: Why the hell is there food everywhere?!

[DUSTIN]: We LOVE food! Haha. Especially McDonald’s, so we thought fast food would be a fun thing to use for artwork. Neat, simple, direct, why not?

[MLLE MAX]: You’re presently touring for To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit organization dedicated to prevention and help out with issues related to depression and suicide. How did you get in this project?

[DUSTIN]: I actually wrote a song about “To Write Love On Her Arms” it’s actually the closing track on our EP. Its super epic and talks about being somewhat depressed but pulling out at the end with something beautiful instead of something not so spectacular. TWLOHA inspired me greatly so naturally it made sense to pursue a project with them.

[MLLE MAX]: How important is it to you to get your fans concerned and mobilised about social issues?

[DUSTIN]: It’s very important. And not so much even just for our fans, but if I feel strongly about something I’m going to express it. I do it in everyday life so it’s not something that is just a show; the stage is just a great place to do it.

[MLLE MAX]: What’s next after the TWLOHA Tour?

[DUSTIN]: We will be touring the west coast of Canada with our friends CRISIS JANE a band from Winnipeg that we met this summer. Great dudes;

[MLLE MAX]: For people who don’t know about you, what can we expect from your show in Montreal?

[DUSTIN]: Every bit of energy we can muster out of our bodies. FINAL THOUGHT plays a really tight musical show, with additions like backing tracks that not many bands have. The stage set up is really PURPLE just like the EP and we like to have a good time.

[MLLE MAX]: Do you guys have any ritual before a gig?

[DUSTIN]: We always play a really epic intro. Currently we are playing a lengthened version of the intro to the opening track on our EP; Grow Up. It’s really fun.

[MLLE MAX]: Where can people get some of your music?

[DUSTIN]: You can download the EP on iTunes and for those who want a physical copy you can order the EP as well as t-shirts on our MySpace.

[MLLE MAX]: Thoughts of the end?

[DUSTIN]: Come see FINAL THOUGHT @ Café L’Inco with EVERLEA on Friday! It’s for a good cause and we promise a good time!

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