Useless ID (13 mars 2010)

Entrevue de Dave avec Ishay

[DAVE]: It has been a while since we have seen Useless ID in Canda. Do you remember the last time you were here?

Sure, we were on tour with No Use, it was awesome... i have been waiting to go back to canada ever since our first time there on warped tour, so a lot of the stuff was memorable, and then, since we love drinking when its THAT cold, a lot of it actualy isn't. La formation punk israelienne sera à Montréal dans quelques jours. Nous avons brièvement parlé avec l'un de ses membres pour vous informer des derniers développements concerant le groupe.

[DAVE]: You have released a new full-length album every two years since 1997. How do you manage to come up with new material in such short time?

I think there have been albums that took a little longer then that... It sometimes takes a long wait between getting the recording process done and then actualy putting the album out, it sure takes longer when you're getting more than one label involved, like we just had with our most recent album, but usualy we love going fast with it, and i guess most punk rock bands do, too. It's getting really crazy fast with Yotam, who writes all our stuff, as he's been working on his solo album for the past couple years but he also has about 18 new songs for our next album written its safe to say that we have at least 47 albums coming up.

[DAVE]: Your latest release, Muki & Useless ID, is a mix between you and a hip-hop/reggae artist. How did that collaboration come to be?

We met at a street party they have every summer here in Tel Aviv that is pretty much about extreme sports and (probably not anymore-) punk rock music. He headlined the show, while we played right before him... i think he liked our show a lot and i remember that i thought his set was kick ass too, so with ALL that harmony going we went and recorded one song that turned out to be the theme song to a TV show that i've been told is o.k funny, anyway, that was probabaly cool so we went ahead and made an album together. I'm not sure if i'm thinking of this album as our sixth album or not because it's mainly being sold here in Israel, but it's easy to loose count with us anyway as we had a lot of EP's and stuff like splits and what not.

[DAVE]: What was the reaction of your fan base?

I dont know, but if i had to guess, some are probabaly thinking we're awesome because we finally made an album in hebrew that is kinda new in sound and approach, while others won't even bother to listen to it because of their cool and stuff, but again, i don't really know as the whole thing it quite new still. The main reaction i've noticed was that we kind of made a new crowd that was just about the collaboration of us both and werent really in touch with what we (or any local punk band for that matter) is about, which is great if you asked me.

[DAVE]: Will you be playing some of these songs live while on tour in Canada?

Noooo....we'll be on tour doing the USELESS ID thing...We got so many albums and stuff out, it could get real hard with people asking for songs that we never get to play, so i'm not sure if we're going to have an easy time with set lists as there's so much stuff going on with... I've been bugging the guys about playing our cover of the SWINGING UTTERS song that we did for their tribute album (it just came out on Red Scare) so i guess that's the most we're going to strech our set out of the USELESS ID songs only theme....

[DAVE]: You have always been very often on the road all over the world. Would you rather be home or on the road?

I think that we have a pretty good balance of the two in the past few years...We used to tour for 6 months non stop and then go home and start booking more stuff... But in the past few years we have been lucky to get to some really crazy places like China and Russia and now there's just this great feeling of being able to call almost everywhere home.

[DAVE]: What is the punk community like in Israel? Any bands we should check out?

The scene is actualy pretty cool for me now, since i don't hang out at shows as much as i used to, and i remember getting bored and pretty much bummed on everybody all the time... There's a lot of great bands going, i would recomend on checking those out KILL THE DRIVE, MONDO GECKO, SHEINKIN PUNKX, D9, M.E.S.S., GOT NO SHAME, THE BACLINERS, NOT ON TOUR, THE TESTICLES, DEAD RABINS, INSTINCT...the list goes on and on, it's actualy quite amazing how many kick ass bands are playing in israel these days...i recomend on going to our myspace page at USELESS ID and checking out links to all of the local bands that are on our top friends list, they are all awesome.

[DAVE]: Any last words for your fans in Quebec?

Those are not the last words because we're coming on tour real soon and then i will have my last words, and those words would be drunken, stupid and most likley not making any sense whatsoever, so i guess i'll wait for that ok. Thanks much for the interview though and i hope to see everybody at the shows. i mean-EVERYBODY. haha.

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