The Snips (28 mars 2008)

Entrevue de Val avec Eric

Les CEREMONIAL SNIPS sont une jeune formation ontarienne qui fait preuve d'attributs très prometteurs. Après avoir lancé leur premier long jeu Check Your Audio via Stomp Records l'an dernier, en plus d'une tournée qui les amenait à jouer en première partie des FLATLINERS et SUBB au Studio en juin 2007, le groupe était de retour en tête d'affiche au début du mois de mars sur les planches des Katacombes. Val a eu la chance de s'entretenir avec Eric, qui fait partie de la section de cuivres des CEREMONIAL SNIPS.

[VAL] You guys work hard -- you have a couple of demos and another record that came out last june 2007; you've played like hundreds of shows, you've been on the Warped Tour, you are touring again and we can hear your name here and there; how do you find the music scene is doing? In ontario and in Canada in general, have you noticed any changes in the recent years? Is it hard for a band to work in the industry right now? Was it different or more difficult back when you started out?

[SNIPS] Well, things are always changing. You've got to roll with punches. It's kinda strange because as things get easier - like booking shows, releasing music - things get harder. When we first started, it was hard getting a show a month; now its like ten shows isn't good enough, so its always a battle. A battle we're totally willing to fight, simply because we want to.

[VAL] I heard you guys didn't know how to play any instruments when you decided to form this band. How did you pick it up? Looking back, do you think you've made the right choices in terms of instruments, and if you were to do it again, would you pick a different one?

[SNIPS] Hell ya I woulda picked a different one. Any time someone askes me what I play in the band I always have to grumble 'trumpet'. That's a pussy insterment! I wanna play key-tar! I'd be tickling ivory up and down.

[VAL] After releasing your first demo, the band took some time off – what was behind that decision? Have you become more mature or did you just take some time to learn how to play your instruments?

[SNIPS] It actually wasn't planned. At that point we would just get together and jam whenever we felt like it, no real schedule. So for a few months we just didn't jam. Don't know why really. I think I was into catching bugs and drinking dirty water from the river at that point.

[VAL] The CEREMONIAL SNIPS started out seven years ago. Other than the band name, is there something noticeably different about/for the band?

[SNIPS] Well other than the fact that we can play music that we choose, rather than music we're forced to play due to lack of skills, not a whole lot. There's way more hair these days.

[VAL] After seven years with seven people, seven years together, seven people in the band, things are bound to get difficult at some point? How do you manage to still have fun and not kill each other over the years?

[SNIPS] It's easy, theres a set of rules. First rule: don't be a fuckin baby. No crying, no whinning. Second rule: let things go. If you get into a rumble with someone else, just chill out and pretent it didn't happen. That could be a bad thing when I think about it, someone is going to snap soon and start busting necks.

[VAL] How is being on the Union Label Group / Stomp from the perspective of a band from Ontario?

[SNIPS] It's great. Friendly people working there, no assholes.

[VAL] What was the turning point for the SNIPS? When did you come to realize that this was a project that was going to last? Was it when you signed contract or when you did your first tour or when your first demo came out or...?

[SNIPS] It's hard to say really but I'm going to guess after our first tour. It was the most fun any of us had ever encountered and we just wanted to make that last longer. To this day that's why we tour, because it's fun. We fuck around alot and fight sometimes, but thats part of it.

[VAL] Are you satisfied with the response for Check Your Audio so far?

[SNIPS] The response on Check Your Audio has been huge. Far better than we exspected I think. it's like a casserole really, you toss in some garlic, a little thyme, some cheese and you think its going to be garbage but when people taste it, they are asking where to get more. It blows my mind.

[VAL] How does the writting process work in the band? Who writes the lyrics? Who writes the music? Is it really a group process of does someone brings the structure and you go from there?

[SNIPS] Writing songs is really difficult for us. There's no master-mind with one vision. Almost all of us play guitar so everyone is always pumping out jams. It's entirerly a group effort. We basically start with a riff, or vocal melody, through in some PBR and just brew it from there.

[VAL] Congratulations on your nomination for the Canadian Musician People's Choice Awards, what are your thoughts on that? In your opinion, are awards relevant to underground bands, or any bands for that mattter?

[SNIPS] It's nice to be recognized for your work, but it doesn't change anything for us. Unless it pays us a bunch of money and we blow it all on booze and dope, I don't think awards would change our perspective on anything.

[VAL] You started as kids wanting to party, you ended up as good friends wanting to do what they like best and what they think is right; You seem passionnate about your music and it shows on stage and when we listen to your records. Is it hard to keep that way of life and to keep the fire for it?

[SNIPS] Actually no. This band fuels our lives. If the band didn't exsist, I, as well as the others, would feel we had a much smaller perpuse as humans. I'd probaly be still be drinking dirty water from the river.

[VAL] It seems like the band is stronger than ever now. Are we in the best years for the SNIPS, or are these years ahead of us still?

[SNIPS] Cock'n' balls, you ask some brain racking questions. I guess, though I don't think these are the best years for the band. Ya, we are stonger than ever, so it's the best it's been to date, but we all keep growing as musicians, people and souls. So to say this is the strongest we will ever be would be a lie. It's what reassures us that our next record will be better than the last. To sum it up, we're all long ways off from writing our Master Of Puppets.

[VAL] There is a rumor that says you all have SNIPS tattoos, what's the story?

[SNIPS] We don't all have SNIPS tats but most of us do. The reason for this is, we were told that if you get a SNIPS tattoo then you get look cool in the eyes of others. So we just knew we couldn't cut it on our own so we needed some extra sweetness to add to our loins.

[VAL] What's in the works for the remainder of 2008? Are we going to see you again at the Warped Tour or elsewhere?

[SNIPS] We have a split record coming out fairly soon, in the next few months I think, a full length record, tours, tours, tours...

Merci à Eric d'avoir pris le temps de discuter avec nous, et à Alex chez Stomp d'avoir coordonné le tout!

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