The Vacancy (03 décembre 2004)

Adam de The Vacancy nous livre ses réponses à notre questionnaire de 13 questions avec, comme toujours, un sens solide de l'humour. Est-ce que j'ai mentionné que le groupe lançait un nouvel album en février prochain?

Where are you now, and where would you rather be?

I don't know where I am now, but I know that I wanna be touring the world right about now.

Describe your band in 7 words or less

“rock and roll”

What makes your band want to rock every night?

We love playing music. It's our calling, we all don't go to school cause of this band and we only have jobs to pay bills. If we could we would rock every night for the rest of our lives. It's what we wanna do and it's what we ARE gonna do!

Is your band entertainment? Explain.

I consider us entertainment all around. We have fun on and off the stage. We bring life into the crowd during the other bands and we like to have fun. We're obnoxious!

What did you have to do to get a label to notice you?

Ben, singer/guitarist, used to be in bands with Chris #2 of Anti-Flag all during high school. After high school Ben and I started The Vacancy and after a few months of writing we recorded a DEMO which Ben just for the heck of it gave to Chris. Chris liked it and showed it to the other A-F guys, they liked it too. They offered to put it out. So we did. It's now called The Vacancy - go check it out while you wait for Heart Attack to hit stores on Feb 22!!!

Did you ever listen to the advice you recieved from others? Did you rise or fall?

The Vacancy has been through A LOT of ups and downs and its not til now that we finally got our head on straight. We have gone through line up changes a few times in the past and each time spelled the demise of the band. But through it all we always had someone helping us out. Chris #2 has to be one of the best things to happen to us, he is pretty much our self proclaimed manager and he has helped out more than we can ever thank him for.

If you had to add an instrument to your band (different from the ones you already have), which one would you choose and why?

We are a 3 piece right now, so if we had to add something we might add another guitarist. But that is what anyone would do. We always liked organ and piano, and we even thought of saxophone at one point.

What’s the best thing you earned because of your band?

I guess the best thing I earned from this band is the best job in the world...rocking your face off.

What’s the worst thing you lost because of your band?

Didn't really lose anything. There has been ups and downs but nothing I regret. Although one time I lost my favorite t-shirt cause some girl stole it at a show in Philly. I want that back.

What’s your closest encounter with the third kind or any other paranormal activity?

I hate aliens, I'll fight them all. We love horror movies. Jason Voorhees can stick me with a machete any day of the week!

What quote first comes to your mind?

The Vacancy is full of inside jokes, come to a show and see it in action. I could not begin to explain, so I'm gonna have to skip this question!

When I think of Canada, I think of…

All you fine, attractive, young men and women out there buying our new record entitled "Heart Attack" hitting stores FEB 22, 2005 only on A-F Records. It'll be available in most stores, especially FYE and I'm sure there are countless online stores that will be carrying it! Yes that was my plug for the evening.

If you had to put on a benefit concert, what would it be for, and who would play?

I could be nice and say "I'd put it on for the homeless and hungry people out there" but I'm not. Instead I'm gonna say it'll be a "Help The Vacancy play with theses cool bands" and I'd have all the bands that influenced me over time. Green Day, Lifetime, AC/DC, Refused...stuff like that. I win.

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