The Code (10 février 2005)

C'est la deuxième fois que nous avons la chance de discuter avec Marc du groupe The Code. Ce-dernier a toujours une opinion sur tout et il n'hésite jamais à la faire savoir!

Where are The Code from and what is your background like…

The Code formed in the summer of 2000 in Erie, Pa. We were all in different punk bands in high school together doing what all high school bands do. You know play a show here and there nothing too serious blah, blah, blah. But after a few year of doing the part time band thing some of us wanted to take it to the next level. So boom! The Code started to take shape. It was awesome to have a group of like minded friends who shared the same passion for punk rock music and who were willing to whatever it work. As the summer of 2000 came to an end we made it official. We played our first real show in Pittsburgh at The Mr. Roboto Project ( ) October 19 th 2000. And the rest is history…

Last summer, you released an EP through Jumpstart Records – what are the reasons that pushed you towards that label as opposed to getting the recording out via Anti-Flag’s label A-F Records?

Working with Jump Start Records was something we wanted to do to help out our friend Jeremy. Jeremy runs Jump Start Records which is a DIY record label out of Philadelphia. We have known him since we’ve been a band. He is as fucking DIY as it gets so support that shit!!!

On a side note… just so we make this very clear WE ARE STILL ON A-F RECORDS.

What kind of response have you been receiving regarding that EP? Should we consider this recording to be a clue as to the direction that you are going towards musically speaking?

We actually are really proud of the Ep. It marks the first time as a band that we stood on our own two feet so to speak. Before we recorded “Rhetoric of Reason” we would go into the studio and spend most of our time trying to learning how to successfully record a good record. With these songs we went into it knowing exactly what we wanted/ had to do and how we wanted the final product to sound.

I would have to say that the Ep. Does give a good clue as to which direction the band is going.

When can we expect a new full-length? Will it be on A-F Records?

We are actually in the process of writing and recording demos for our new full-length. We hope to have it recorded and released later this year. As far as who will be releasing it I can say that we have been talking with other labels and are in the process of figuring that shit out. If in the end we don’t sign to a bigger indie label for whatever reason we will still put the record out on A-F. We love A-F Records and will always work with them. They are like family to us.

You have contributed to the Free Mumia Compilation – how does the band interpret the whole story that revolves around Mumia? Many people admit that he did kill, but state that his trial was unfair…

Well this is a tough one because not everyone in The Code is as politically charged as the next guy. So I will speak for myself here. I look at the Mumia story and try to keep a very open mind. No matter what I think weather he did kill that officer or not, the fact remains that I wasn’t there so I don’t know what truly went down. One thing I will say is this: Mumia’s story isn’t that unique. The U.S. court system has a very long history of treating African American people differently. Take a look at our jails for instance. African Americans make up the majority of the prison population. Why is that? The countless instances of how jail sentences differ between black people and white people just blows my mind. It is in my honest opinion that the U.S. judicial system is very racist at its roots. Mumia’s case makes this argument very true.

The fact of the matter is this: The trial wasn’t fair and Mumia should have a new trial. For god sake its this mans life we’re talking about here. He deserves to have his fair day in court.

I see that The Code is playing a few dates with Mustard Plug. Are you guy’s friends of Mustard Plug, and do you often play gigs with bands that play different styles of music?

We actually met Mustard Plug once before while we were on tour with The River City Rebels. As far as how we got hooked up with them the shows were offered to us and we took them. How we will be received is anyone’s guess. Bottom line we love to play shows so regardless of the bands style we don’t care. When its time to rock it doesn’t matter who’s on the bill. We don’t want to be a punk band that only plays with bands that fit into our specific genre. That would be the lamest thing we could ever do.

We are faced with a troubling lack of all age’s venues here in MTL. A bunch closed down a few months ago, and it seems to be getting harder and harder to open new ones. I know there was a similar problem in Pittsburgh a few years back – has the situation changed in any way?

Not really… in all actuality it has just gotten worse. We are down to only a few places to play ourselves. I have found this to be true everywhere I go on tour. Why is this? It seems to me that a lot (not all) of the younger kids aren’t picking up the slack. The underground scene relies of them to keep shit going. One argument is that its because punk rock is now just another main stream genre. I would hope that that’s not the case but the more and more I tour that seems to be the only answer I can find.

I don’t believe we are doomed however. It’s really up to us who know the difference to create a dialog about this and talk about the importance of keeping this alive. We have the choice to steal back our lives from the vultures that get fat off selling it back to us. The Underground punk rock scene doesn’t have to die with us. We have the choice to not take part in this undermining.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the documentary The Corporation? It talks about the growing power of the corporation and how the government and the people fail to control them. Do you feel that this is the worst menace our society is faced with at the moment?

I would first like to start off buy saying that I see no difference between these mega multi-national corporations of the world and our government. Our government is a fucking huge corporation. Make no bones about it! They might not be selling you cheap underwear and socks like good old Wal-mart is but they are selling you the fear state and they do a damn good job of it. They are selling you the idea that dropping bombs on the heads of innocent people in far off lands makes you safe in your quiet American suburban home. They want you to eat from the plate that starves your civil right away. You give them your loyalty they feed you the scraps of a pseudo democracy. I think you know where I’m going here… In the end weather it be “We the people” or “We the consumer” we have full control over how we play our part in society. If you don’t like how things are going than don’t sit back and take it. Stand up, raise your voice and do something about it!

Everyone’s talked about how Kerry wasted the good shot the Democrats had at taking back the White House and how Bush is destroying the country. Who would you have seen taking Kerry’s place (I know this bi-party system sucks, but hey, we’re stuck with it for another four years)?

John Kerry wasn’t the best choice either. I don’t think that John Kerry wasted anything. He’s a fucking politician he wouldn’t have been very different. In the end I choose to look at the 2004 election with great hope. Despite what the mainstream media would like you to know the youth vote was higher than it has been in a long ass time. I don’t care what the percentages say. That, much like the electoral vote, doesn’t reflect the real numbers. The truth is that not only did a record number of young voters show up and vote but so did every other age group. This is the real victory. To me its not about who won or lost its about how many people got off their lazy asses and did something more than bitch back at their T.V. screens.

I am more of a Dennis Kucinich fan myself but the likely-hood of that ever happening is slim to none.

You too decided to open up a MySpace account. What is it with that thing that makes everyone go crazy?

I don’t know what got everyone so interested in MySpace. I guess it’s because it feels so interactive. I look at it as another way to get The Code out there. Take it for what its worth. If its not for you that’s fine. If it is than go check out

What local bands should we be on the lookout for?

Everyone should check out this amazing band Voice in the Wire. They are our good friends from Pittsburgh who signed to Eyeball Records late last year. The have a full-length record out and you should buy that shit up. They are some brutal dudes and by that I mean they rock the fuck out.

Any last comments?

I guess the most important thing that I would like to leave people with is this quote: “Be the change you want to see” –Gandhi

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