The Reason (22 novembre 2004)

The Reason vient de signer un contrat avec Smallman Records et est en tournée dans l'est du Canada. Le groupe sera à Montréal bientôt, voici donc une entrevue avec eux.

So maybe you guys can start by telling us where you’re from, how The Reason started?

Hey Dude! The Reason officially formed in Hamilton after the demise of Windsor Punk All Stars Sewing With Nancie. Adam had moved up to the hammer and started The Reason with Cubby in 2002.

Did you guys play in another bands before?

Yeah we all came into The Reason with previous experience; Adam and Cubby were in Sewing With Nancie, Jeremy sang and played guitar in Klesk and Bayside, and Cam and I were in Always Outnumbered

What bands have been influences on your music? What’s in the tape player on the road these days?

Well, the mix is definitely an eclectic one. We’re all kind of old school guys at heart, some of our favorite bands include; The Police, The Cure, Dead Kennedy’s, Minor Threat, Parliament, Bob Marley and Refused. We love the old stuff for its rhythms and melody’s. As for stuff in the player, The Bled, Underminded, the new Dillinger Escape Plan and Tegan and Sara albums are huge with us right now. I for one will play any Hot Water Music album anytime of the day, those guys kick ass!

You have a new record out, your first full-length right? How was the recording? What do the lyrics deal with? How much did it take to bribe Smallman into coming to see you play live? How the relationship with the label?

Wow, this questions’ got more folds than our album insert! We could not be happier with Smallman Records putting out the first (of many) Reason albums. Those guys are probably the most straight forward dudes in the scene! We just basically bombarded them with demo’s upon presskits, we toured our ass’s off, they saw the hard work we were putting in. So, Rob finally decided to fly down and check out a show.

Recording the album was great, we recorded it in Burlington so we were able to sleep at home every night, it definitely helped moral. The guys we worked with were amazing, Luke Marshall and Greg Taylor at the music gym, and Mike Borkosky at Back Door Studios did the final mix and master. Our lyrics are based around being confident and not letting the bumps in life get a hold of you. We’ve steered away from the ‘emo’ cliché of “You hurt me, and now I’m gonna cry about it”. Instead, we’ve concentrate more on the lessons we’ve learned from life, “This happened, it sucked, we’ve learned this to make ourselves better”. Confidence is all the rage these days, it’s the new ‘being depressed’.

What bands have you opened up for?

We just finished a tour with The Pietasters and Murphy’s Law. In July we played a few days with Pennywise, which is how we met Murphy’s Law. We’ve played with Moneen, Blue Skies At War, Good Riddance, Midtown, Matchbook Romance, Hopesfall, Alexisonfire, and Jersey.

We’ll be seeing you soon in Montreal with Summer Hero and a few other bands. How’s the tour so far, can you tell us a little bit about the other bands you’re playing with?

Yeah, with exception of us losing a bunch of stuff (shoes/wallets/dignity) the tour is going great! All the bands we’ve been with are amazing. We did some of the dates in the states on the Hopesfall/Moneen/Alexisonfire tour, and the west coast with Blue Skies At War. We can’t wait to start these days with Summer Hero!

If you had to put out a benefit concert, what would it be for and who would you invite?

It would probably be a benefit for the SPCA (Humane Society) or something to do with the Homeless/Poverty Situation in our area. If we could invite anyone; it’d be Public Enemy, Hot Water Music, Dr.Dre, Killswitch Engage, George Clinton, Atmosphere, and a Pantera Reunion.

Any last words/ plans for the upcoming year?

Tonnes of touring! We’re just planning on having fun on the road with more friends. So we should be in about every town in Canada by the end of next year! Nothing but thanks dude, check out!

The Reason joue au Balafré le 01 décembre avec Summer Hero, Ann's Fallacy et The Shake.

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