Strung Out (29 novembre 2004)

Strung Out vient de lancer un nouvel album Exile In Oblivion sur Fat Wreck. Voici un entretien avec Jake Kiley:

With the album coming out on November 2nd, how were you guys influenced by the election year, and are you one to believe all the conspiracy theories out there?

Well we realize how importiant this election is, so thats why we've been a bit more involved in politics these days. I'm not one to buy into everything I hear, but it's not to hard to look around and see who lying.

We’ve seen just a tremendous reaction from rockers to this year’s election. Don’t you guys feel like you should just launch a new punk political party?

That would be a good idea, but this country seams to only respond to a 2 party system. Maby one day this will change.

Strung Out has always been a technical power-driven group, has that changed on the new album?

Not really, were still comeing from the same place we always have. But these days I feel we all have developed into better players and are able to push our music harder.

I believe that, in order to write new, inspiring and relevant songs, one must first get familiar with the music that was composed in the past. Do you agree with this? Are you guys fans of 60’s, 70’s bands?

Absolutly! I seriously havent listened to anything new except fot the last Rise Against album. If you don't look back on the the roots of your scene, you'll never be more then a trend copy.

Strung Out has always been on Fat Wreck. Do you think you’re getting too comfortable, do you guys kind of take it for granted or does it motivates you to push yourselves as a band and put out even better albums year after year?

We would be makeing the same albums no matter what. Actually I can't say that because many labels don't give you the creative control that Fat does. Being on fat has allowed us to progress and write songs on our own terms, which I feel very lucky to do.

There were claims for a while that you were looking for a major label. Is there any truth to it? I think that it’s okay for bands to sign to major label if they get two things: a) 1 million dollars b) complete liberty with regards to the music side of things as well as anything to do with touring and what goes on on the road. Do you agree?

To each their own, but what I've seen of major labels is a lot of empty promises. Usually they just want to buy up all the bands that fit a certian trend or mold, and don't have any real care for the art. Plus you can make more money on an indie if you work hard.

Is Strung Out a devoted supporter of any given cause?

Fighting the prohibition of marijuna in america.

When you think of Canada, you think of …..?

Great weed, great shows, sexy girls and ice wine.

The U.S. Government is trying hard to interfere with any law that would ease the marijuana criminalization laws in Canada. Any word on that?

More complete bullshit from the US. This shit will start a civil war one day.

What is the venue that you enjoy playing at the most, and why?

I'm gonna say the house of blues in Chicago. Soo beautifull!!

If you had to organize a benefit concert, what would it be for, and who would you invite to be a part of the event?

It would benefit me buying a house, and I would book the Rolling Stones with special guests U2 and Elton John.

Can you name one or two up and coming bands from your region that we should check out (and that would make me A millionnaire if I signed them to my label)?

Ratt and Motley Crue.

Can we expect you guys in Canada anytime soon?

Yes, hopefully early spring!

Any last words?

Thanks soo much to our friends and fans, we owe you everything!!

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