Paramore (13 janvier 2008)

Entrevue de Melissa Hetu avec Hayley et Zac

Lors de leur récent passage au Club Soda le 16 décembre dernier, Hayley et Zac du jeune quatuor PARAMORE se sont entretenus avec PunkMeUp. Depuis le lancement de leur dernier album intitulé Riot! à l’été dernier, le groupe n’a pas arrêté d’enchainer tournée après tournée aux quatre coins du monde. L’année 2007 aura été une année charnière pour ce groupe, une année où tous leurs rêves sont devenus réalité.

PunkMeUp: This past year has been absolutely insane for you guys, how would you describe it in one word?

I would say What?!

Hayley: Everything! It’s hard to come up with something…unbelievable is a pretty easy one…but I like What?!

PunkMeUp: Would you say that most or a lot of your dreams came true this year?

Hayley: Pretty much. When we’re doing this, and thinking about things that we’d love to happen for our band, you can dream but we tend to be realistic about things. We’ve always said we wanted meet JIMMY EAT WORLD, we want sell out a tour and things like that. Those things have happened! We also said we wanted to go Gold, that was a big wish and all that stuff has happened and more. Not only did we meet JIMMY EAT WORLD but they invited me to sing with them, so I did that, then we went Gold, then John Mayer asked to hang out with us…It’s just all these crazy things are happening!

Zac: We were nominated for a Grammy

PunkMeUp: That must be a little surreal, no? Will you guys be attending?

Hayley: Yeah we are! We’re going to fly all the way back from Scotland.

Zac: I’m going to have a seizure…

Hayley: I don’t even know how to walk that well in heels, so what am I gonna do…maybe you can wear the heels (talking to Zac)

Zac: Nah…I probably won’t.

Hayley: Now, I think I won’t be hesitant to dream really big because things are just happening like crazy.

PunkMeUp: Now with all this stuff happening, is longevity something you’d want to obtain? Is it more of a dream now to stay around for a long time?

Hayley: Oh yea!

Zac: That’s what we always wanted! We never just wanted to be a band that just shoots up if we ever did shoot up and come right back down as fast as we came up. That’s just how it is today. If we have another dream, that’s what it is right now.

PunkMeUp: Do you think that with the success of Riot! you’ve been able to prove everyone who ever doubted you wrong?

Hayley: We spent the first year or so on the road, really proving ourselves, just because we’re young or there’s a girl fronting the band, to us it’s legitimate, this is what we love to do just as much as any other band loves to do it. Just because they’re 25 and we were 15 or how ever old we were when we started, it doesn’t make any difference. It’s music, it’s passion! It feels good now to know that people are starting to realize that it’s a band and that we love doing this.

PunkMeUp: There was a lot of promo and a big marketing machine behind your new release. Does it ever get overwhelming at times?

Hayley: Sometimes it definitely gets overwhelming. We had a couple of points this year where we just felt like it was too much. I think that it’s worth it to know that if we can make it through the 18th (referring to the 18th of December 07), which is when we’re done for the year and we can just relax for the holidays and know that we worked our hardest making Riot! happen…Next year, we’ll go out and we’ll probably fight a little harder and make sure that people are looking out for our sanity because I don’t think that we can have another year like this. I think that this kind of stuff only needs to happen once for us and next year, even though we’ll be working just as much, I feel we need to know that we can put our foot down every once in a while…

PunkMeUp: You guys seem really close to your fans. Not every band is as generous and takes as much time to stay in touch with them…Why is that important for you guys?

Hayley: It sort of just happened.

Zac: All of our fans have always been like online geeks. Hayley usually writes all the blogs but every once in a while one of the dudes will do one. That’s just the way to keep our fans still thinking about the band or to tell them what we’re doing. They love that. It’s just a good way to communicate with them. Even though we’re not touring, they can still feel connected to us.

PunkMeUp: You guys were talking about hard work and you definitely seemed to have worked your ass off this year…how important is that ethic? To not be lazy, go out on the road, play shows…

Hayley: It’s really important. The first year we were playing really small shows and it was fun. We miss those days a lot of times because that’s when the hard work was really important, it had to happen or we were never going to grow as a band. I think a lot bands don’t realize that. I know we didn’t have to do those small shows for as long as most bands do but it was still necessary for us and we wouldn’t be here had we not had that year of struggling to get kids through the door. You got to build a fan base and you’ve got to be connected and that’s why it feels like it’s been a natural thing for us to stay connected to the fans because in the beginning it was all we had. Those 15 kids that would come in to see us play, that was all we had. It still feels like that, it’s just a big number now.

PunkMeUp: How do you keep it fresh or have fun when you’re in a different city every day, doing the same routine all the time?

Well it doesn’t snow everywhere we go…We try to make it a point to go out and eat together so that we can all talk. We went bowling one time. We just try to find random things to do. We go to malls and buy stuff.

Hayley: We go to malls a lot because I think because in Franklin that’s the one thing there is to do. There’s not a ton of things you can do in Nashville. We go to the mall a lot cuz their mom worked there so we would just go and chill. When we were first starting out, we went on tour with COPELAND, we were in South Caroline and there was this huge river outside the venue and we just went swimming in it. It was fun!

PunkMeUp: I’m guessing friendship is really important in this band…

Hayley: Totally!

PunkMeUp: You guys seem to have a lot of confidence and guts…not every band your age has that. What do you think it’s due to?

Hayley: I don’t really know. Again I think it’s the fact that we’re so close. You know we’re not even all grown up so it’s not like we’ve got it all figured out or even really know who we are yet as people, individually we’ve got a lot of life to live. As a band, we know that we’re there for each other no matter what and that’s a confidence I think that you can’t get from a good mention in an article or a good photo shoot. That stuff just doesn’t matter cuz they might airbrush me to death and I’ll still feel like I looked ridiculous that day.

PunkMeUp: Going back in time a bit, could you tell me what your earliest musical memory is?

We had drums in our church when I was a little kid. When I would go to church with my parents I always thought the drummer was awesome. I loved the way it felt when he’d hit the kick drum cuz it would shake my body cuz I was so tiny. I didn’t really play music until I was about 9. I went to summer school and my mom just figured it would be cool and this student brought in a drum kit and I thought it was really awesome. From then on, I was like that’s what I wanna do.

Hayley: I remember being really really young, I was at a preschool, it was called Highland Daycare. They had a swing set, I think that was one of my last years cuz I can remember…I remember being on the swing set and trying to write a song (laughs). I was singing but whenever kids would pass, I’d stop singing. (laughs) I was such a nerd!! I can imagine if I was like 12 doing this, I would have been the biggest loser but then I don’t think those kids really cared what I was doing. I just remember trying to write because I loved music. I remember listening to Elvis and Jerry Lewis with my family…

PunkMeUp: Looks like they are pretty supportive of what you do…

They’ve always been supportive, it’s not like they didn’t believe in it but now they clearly see we are doing good. We all started out super young but if it wasn’t for Josh, my brother (guitarist), I wouldn’t be able to go on the road. I started touring when I was 14….it was kind of hard for them cuz there’s so many bands that just go out there and they don’t necessarily do good. My parents weren’t really familiar with all of this but hoped for the best. I don’t know how they did that because they didn’t even let me spend the night with my friends sometimes… (laughs)

PunkMeUp: To wrap things up…I just wanted to know what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned so far from being in Paramore?

Hayley: That’s really hard to sum it all up….

Zac: It’s like if we learned everything we’ve needed to know being in this band…

Hayley: We’ve still got a long way to go but I feel like I’ve learned that as far as who I am and music, that it’s important to be honest and it works for every facet of this job; the personal side of it, the musical side of it, the business side of it…it’s important to find yourself. I’m still doing that and I’m sure that the rest of the guys are still doing that too. It’s important to be ok with not knowing everything and always strive to be honest about who you are.

Un gros merci à Hayley et Zac d’avoir pris le temps pour jaser avec nous ainsi qu’à Donald et Guillaume de chez Warner, sans qui cet entretient n’aurait pas été possible.

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