Trigger Effect (27 février 2008)

Entrevue de Melissa Hetu avec Nick

Depuis la sortie de leur premier album intitulé Dare To Ride The Heliocraft, paru l’an dernier, le groupe Montréalais TRIGGER EFFECT ne cesse de faire jaser. Reconnu pour donner des shows qui déménagent avec une attitude très punk-rock, il est évident que ce jeune quintet n’a pas froid aux yeux. PUNKMEUP à récemment eu la chance de s’entretenir avec le chanteur de la formation Nick pour lui poser quelques questions.

PUNKMEUP: You guys seem to have been really busy since the release of your album last year…Are you happy with how things are going with the band right now?

: Busy equals fun. We are really happy but never satisfied. Always more. Onwards, upwards and always turning is the Turbo Machine motto and it's quite fitting. This summer is going to be amazing. Turbo Machine is putting on Röck Fight 3 on April 12th, we're leaving for a six-week full-square (Mtl to Florida to California to Vancouver to back home) tour of the US and Canada in May and when we get back we're supposed to be playing some righteous festivals. One being Warped Tour, another being on an island in the middle of the ocean where we get to kill and eat crustaceans, and another one being so top secret that we can't even talk about it. Seriously. Its, like, a big time secret but we know all about it. Aren't we special? All I’m going to say is that it will involve a lot, and I mean a LOT, of drunken Frenchmen. After a summer of righteous festivals and barbecues and probably a multitude of exploding microwaves, Turbo Machine will be putting on Fear & Loathing in Montreal for the seventh year in a row on Labour Day weekend. If all goes as planned it is going to be the best one ever. And then after that we're supposed to be going to Europe for some more touring. That would be super cool. Go Ram.

PUNKMEUP: Dare To Ride The Heliocraft received some really good reviews…does it feel good to be recognized for your work? Do you think those good reviews have helped you guys in any way?

: Yeah, it feels awesome to know that we're not the only ones that think we are awesome. It's like, you know, exponential awesomeness. We never expected things to go the way they have, since our band is such an introverted inside joke. But I guess some people get it and think its funny and others don't get it but are really intrigued. What the hell is a heliocraft anyway? What's with the buff sex? Good reviews are wicked because they make for more people taking us seriously which makes for more press which makes for a really really fat press kit. I'm shooting for like three to four inches. There's a study somewhere that confirms that all you need to do to make four million dollars is accumulate an eleven-pound press kit. Soon enough. Thank you guys for the good review, by the way. We'll send you like six bucks. I think I’m going to buy an Aye-Aye and call him Linus.

PUNKMEUP: Every time I look at your Myspace page, there's always tons of tour dates coming up…how important is touring for you guys? Do extensive tours ever get hard? Physically? Monetarily? What's the best and worst thing about touring?

: Touring is the light at the end of the tunnel for us. Not that rehearsing and recording aren't fun, but touring is just plain wicked. I love waking up and being like where are we? and then realizing oh. I’m lying on the floor of someone's house who i met briefly but i still don't know their name and I have to get this taste of hangover and narcotics out of my mouth before I get up to go find food in a strange place. It's total adventure. We have a barbecue built into our trailer, so we have parties in parking lots all the time. Do you know that you can get forties of malt liquor for under two bucks in west Virginia? Holy god. Touring is not strenuous for me at all because I don't have a license, so I don't do any driving. I just get in the van, fall asleep, wake up somewhere I’ve never been before, unload, sound check, try to weasel free drinks, play a show, talk to random folks, load up, find a party or hotel or just trick someone into thinking it's a really good idea for us to crash on their floor. Then repeat. Mike and Pat do most of the driving so it's a little more stressful for them i guess. Mike doesn't really drink so he ends up babysitting a gang of retards a lot of the time. Poor guy. He must hate us. I'm really good at sleeping, though. Touring is hard on the moneybone, but that's what going further into debt is for. Plus our press kit is going to hit eleven pounds in about 15 months so it'll be ok.

PUNKMEUP: I've noticed that you guys will play a lot of house parties or basement shows…Are playing those shows more fun/entertaining than playing in clubs? What is it you like most about playing in someone's house?

: The thing about bars is that most of the time, people just go there to drink and find something to fuck. The thing about clubs is that the promoter has to be really decent for there to be any people. And sometimes there's bald Moroccan dudes with pencil goatees and expensive sunglasses going ooo-tss ooo-tss while trying to lift the skirts of fourteen-year-old idiots. At house parties and basement shows, everyone shows up and just wants to PARTY. And we like to party. Clubs and bars can always be good and they have advantages like better sound, free food and beer, backstage areas to sleep and get naked in, etc... But house parties are NEVER bad.

PUNKMEUP: Everyone talks about your DIY ethic…being DIY obviously allows you to have more control over your career but doesn't it also make certain things harder for you guys? You guys have to work harder??

: DIY? Who said that? We have a record label, so we're not that DIY. We had our records pressed by a real company. We're not so much about having some sort of ethic as we are about doing things exactly how WE want to do them. We've done things ourselves because no one else would have done them for us (or we couldn't afford it) and just not doing them wasn't an option. For example; we wanted to go tour the states in may. Supposedly, we needed work visas (we can't just dig tunnels anymore) and a booking agent. Getting an agent involves sending out packages, making phone calls and waiting around for some boring old guy to call you back and demand money. Fuck that. Sergio and Pat are booking sharks, and with the magic of Myspace they had a six-week tour booked solid in a matter of days. Ok, like twenty days. Whatever. As for the visas, everyone told us we had to go through an immigration lawyer, which would cost about three grand. Once again, fuck that. All it took was one phone call to the US embassy (charged to his employer of course) and Mike was able to get the appropriate forms. The application only costs $350. It's a complicated form, so Mike somehow got the help of some wicked awesome guy at Cirque Du Soleil. No joke. That dude took the time to get off his trapeze and help us out without even knowing who we were. What a cool dude. Anyway, that's how we do things. We do things ourselves because it's cheaper and that way we know things are actually going to get done. No waiting around for people. Once people want to do things for us it's no problem, as long as they do it well. And for cheap. Lazy people get nowhere. Fa(s)t.

PUNKMEUP: You recently joined the Signed by Force family…do you think being on the label will give you an extra hand? Enable you to accomplish bigger projects?

: Have you been told about Ram's collection of essential oils? He takes them out of their original bottles and pours them into those crystal brandy containers that rich folks have. Then he walks around his house in an inside-out fur jacket (he likes to feel it on his skin) and sandals, rubbing oil on his shaven chest, mumbling something about hotels and food. Are you kidding? Does this sound like a productive venture to you? Actually he does some pretty sweet things like getting us distributed in North America and Europe and sneaking us onto sweet festivals. You have to wonder how he accomplishes these things. How do people take him seriously when he's dressed like that?

PUNKMEUP: You guys seem to be a very intuitive and spontaneous band… Would you say that's accurate? Do you think that those are characteristics that are lacking in music or in other bands right now?

: Yes and no. We definitely go all the way with random ideas but we also think things out. Its all about the balance, man. Like, I’m like the prophet of the gateway to the universe of infinite knowledge, man. WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAA. I bet Keanu Reeves has a massive dong. I don't feel qualified to say if other bands are spontaneous enough. A band can be spontaneous but still suck. And anything that is over thought tends to suck. The tightrope of not sucking is long and slender.

PUNKMEUP: Can you name me 3 bands you like right now?


PUNKMEUP: I've seen TRIGGER EFFECT play live a few times and each time, it's been 20 minutes or so of intense energy/destruction... Is your live show something you take pride in?

: Yeah, i guess so. Playing live is just a lot of fun. LOTS. Like I’ve said before, being onstage gives you license to do anything you want and get away with it. We try not to stop in between songs because we don't usually have much to say. Uh yeah, we're TRIGGER EFFECT and this next song is about how important it is to take care of our farmers, our farmers are our source of life and we have to fight the big corporations who are trying to... Nah, man. Fuck that noise. It's just not for us. Not that I don't like farmers. I'd just much rather be screaming my head off spilling beer down my chest and spitting at Jordan.

PUNKMEUP: Where would you like to see this band go in the future? Are you hoping this can become your career?

: In the future? Japan. Definitely. And Oceania. Maybe next spring. (Go Ram Go) I would love to not have to work at a restaurant anymore. That would be awesome. I would love to not work for anyone anymore. I would also love to have a small house by the water in the Marshall Islands where I'd grow papaver somniferum and eat meat cooked over a fire pit with my pal Linus. All we need now is that 11lb press kit.

Un gros merci à Nick d’avoir répondu à nos questions ainsi qu’à Melanie Kaye d’avoir rendu cet entretient possible.

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