The Creepshow (19 août 2008)

Entrevue de Dave avec Sarah et Sean

Le 26 août prochain, Stomp Records lancera le tout nouvel album du groupe canadien THE CREEPSHOW. Nous avons donc réalisé une entrevue avec Sarah et Sean afin de mieux connaître ce groupe de psychobilly.

[DAVE]: Some people might not have heard from THE CREEPSHOW yet. Would it be possible for you to tell us a little bit about yourself?

When we started the band, we wanted to have a dark theme, with a bit of a horror overtone, but still have catchy, sing along choruses. We didn’t want to be just another band, going up on stage and playing songs, we wanted to have a great live show, with lots going on besides the music. We thought the name THE CREEPSHOW would fit perfectly. We started the band almost 3 years ago, just to have fun and get free beers on weekends. After playing a few shows and getting an amazing response from show go’ers and some record labels, we decided to make an album and go on tour….we haven’t looked back since.

[DAVE]: Over the past years, you were working with Stereo Dynamite. What made you decide to switch to Stomp for this record?

It all started when we asked Matt Collyer from Stomp to be our manager. We were doing well on our own, but wanted to expand, by getting support shows, and tours with bands that we don’t sound like. About 8 months after we asked him, he called me and said that he would do it. Since then things have been amazing, we got a whole whack of the kind of shows we wanted, and great booking agents in different countries now. When it came time to do our new album, we really wanted to work with Stomp. They had done such an amazing job with THE SAINT ALVIA CARTEL record, and that really impressed us. Stereo Dynamite were really cool and let us out of our contract. They said we had outgrown what they were trying to do. Stomp quickly snatched us up the next day, and it has been amazing! We couldn’t be more excited about working with these guys!

[DAVE]: You will be releasing your new album Run For Your Life on August 26th. Where was it recorded and how did the recording process go?

We recorded at Drive Studios with Steve Rizun who also did our first album. Matt did his drums first, and pretty much did everything in one take. I think he may be part robot. Then I laid down all the bass, and then we kind of just added whatever we felt like that day. It took about two and a half weeks from start to finish.

[DAVE]: Did you end up with the CD you thought you would be getting when you first started recording it?

We actually didn’t know what to expect… A lot of the songs weren’t 100% complete before we went into the studio. Halfway through the recording, Sarah had written a new song and we decided to add it to the record. We got up early one morning and arranged and practiced it then went straight to the studio and laid it down…. And it’s one of the best songs on the album. We’re really happy with the way everything turned out.

[DAVE]: What are you the most proud of on this record?

I am most proud of the fact that all 4 of us had a huge part in writing each song. Everyone added their own part to make each song what it is. We work really well together.

[DAVE]: Where does the name of the album come from?

Run For Your Life is a song off of the new album that is an anti-cocaine song. We have seen cocaine ruin the lives of a lot of people we know, and wanted to write a song about it. The name also fit with the imagery that we wanted for the new album.

[DAVE]: Can you give us three reasons why people should just stop what they’re doing and go buy this album?

#1 - It’s not slanty-haired, sad, emo garbage that’s cluttering up the kids ears these days.
#2 - Whether you want to or not, it will make you dance.
#3 - You’ll be supporting a hard working DIY band.

[DAVE]: What were your inspirations (music, arts, books, etc)?

Lyrically we were inspired by things that happened to us on tour, people we met and things that happen in everyday life. We kind of took those things and made them into fictional stories. Musically, we played with so many different and amazing bands that inspired us a lot. Also, each member of this band has such a different taste in music. That really shows when we’re writing songs, and helps us stay original.

[DAVE]: What’s your take on digital downloads? Are you worried things are going to get harder and harder for bands?

I don’t worry about it. I think it’s amazing for bands, especially smaller, independent bands. It’s obviously worse for labels. But as far as getting your band out there, it’s amazing. I don’t mind if people download our shit….as long as they come out to the show and buy a t-shirt.

[DAVE]: I’ve seen you play live quite a few times already and you always seem to steal the show from the other bands. What gives you the energy to go and play in front of people night after night?

Usually three or four beers and a jagerbomb! Hahahha no, we really take our live show seriously…we want to make it a huge punch in the face to everyone in the crowd, and we want to make the band after us have to step up their game, keep them on their toes ya know!

[DAVE]: When you think of Quebec, you think of…


[DAVE]: You’ve played with some amazing bands in the past. What is your most memorable experience and why?

It would definitely be playing with RANCID in Toronto. It was a dream of mine since I picked up my first instrument. The crowd was amazing, Tim and Lars watched our whole set from the side of the stage, and were so nice to us! It was probably the best night of my life!

[DAVE]: You will be touring Europe in the upcoming months. Will it be your first time? What countries will you be visiting?

It will actually be our fifth time going over to Europe, we love it over there. They treat us like kings. We pretty much go everywhere in Europe. We’ve played in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, England, Scotland and Wales.

[DAVE]: What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?

Starting on the 23rd of August, we are pretty much hitting the road for the next year or so! We have a cross-Canada tour with ANTI-FLAG and a four weeks headlining European tour in October. Hopefully after that we’ll be doing some U.S. dates and then to Japan!

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