The Heights (02 octobre 2007)

Entrevue de Maxime W avec Pearse

[MAX W]:For how long have you guys been playing together and can you describe how it all started?

[PEARSE]: We have been playing together for approximately 4 years. We started in Staffordshire University, near Birmingham in middle England. The walls in the student dormitories were quite thin, so I could hear Owain singing from next door's kitchen. I asked him for a jam, and we started writing straight away. Our first song was the Kettle Song. After that we just played anywhere that would have us.

[MAX W]:How can you describe your music and what influences that you have?

[PEARSE]: The music is mostly fast and energetic. We are predominantley a live band and we like music that pulses. I suppose the label is indie rock. We have have many influences, not all of them obvious. We are all fans of THE STROKES, THE KINGS OF LEON and David Bowie. The other guys like bands such as SUPER FURY ANIMALS and SUPERGRASS a lot, where as I veer towards THE LIBERTINES and THE SMITHS. Old influences include jazz guitarist Django Riendhart, THE BEATLES and CANNED HEAT.

[MAX W]:Now your debut album Toys & Kings was released a couple months ago. What was the initial reaction to your new album?

[PEARSE]: I tend not to read reviews, and thus did not gauge a general reaction. Fans and friends seem happy, that’s all that matters to me. Naturally the reviews will be mixed; we did not aim to please everyone.

[MAX W]:What themes are present in your lyrics?

[PEARSE]: Youth, young manhood, not enough sleep and too much of everything else. Strength and fear, tea, girls, the hierarchy of infinities.

[MAX W]:Your album will be available in Canada on September 12th via INDICA Records. How did it happen?

[PEARSE]: I believe our label had connections with Indica, so our album was posted upon completion. Indica sent a scout (our good friend Pedro) to see us rehearse in East London. I think he was sold on our live performance, and thus reported back. We had already enjoyed success in Japan, so North America became the next port of call. We received positive feedback from Franz, the head of Indica, and so a tour and release was arranged.

[MAX W]:Are you guys touring a lot to promote your album? I’ve heard that you’ve made over 300 shows in 2 years???

[PEARSE]: Indeed we have toured a lot. A lot lot. We have been playing some of these songs for 3 years, and have bashed them out in every venue imaginable in the UK. We have toured the album in Italy, Amarica, Japan and now Canada. We very rarely say no to a gig. Naturaly it plays havoc on one's complexion and general hygiene.

[MAX W]:Do you like traveling all around the world? And which country do you like the most?

[PEARSE]: Canada and Japan are both beautiful places, though in very different ways. Canada is very calm, and in between the miles and long drives you get a chance to reflect and remember. Japan (well, Tokyo) is almost the opposite- very compact, with a billion to every square millimetre. The city is very much alive and the buzz is incredible. Strangely enough, my favourite place in the world is still London. I love the music and the band culture and the history. Not the food or the weather.

[MAX W]:You did a tour in Japan this summer? Can you describe how it was? What was the crowd like?

[PEARSE]: The crowd in Japan were the best we’ve ever had. They were proper fans, we had never received that sort of adulation before. We had heard that Japanese crowds were reserved, though I can quickly dispel that myth. We were stage diving and trash talking the whole way, they loved it. Japanese stage dives should be approached with caution however- the kids there are of a much slighter frame than us obese Brits.

[MAX W]:You were in Canada during the weekend of September 8th & 9th for the Osheaga festival and the Virgin Fest in Toronto. You played 3 shows in 2 days. That must have been exhausting?

[PEARSE]: 3 festivals in 2 days! The hardest part is leaving a festival after a buzzing show, only to get in a van half drunk and drive for 7 hours. Canada is such a big place, it takes forever to get to the next show. I suppose if you didn’t drink in between shows you’d be fresh, but you got to get into the spirit haven’t you? The gigs were all great though, it was all worth it.

[MAX W]:The crowd was very excited when you guys were playing at the Osheaga festival. So how was your tour? And how did you like Canadian beer (I make allusion of what Owain Ginsberg said about Molson Dry)?

[PEARSE]: The most enduring memory I have of our tour in Canada is the taste of Molson Dry. We drank it excessively. One night we tried to save money and bought a massive bottle of the 10% variety. Well, I did save some money. The tour was great, but the drives were too long! I think we’ll take a helicopter next time.

[MAX W]:What were the bands you were looking to check out?

[PEARSE]: I got to see METRIC, which I was very happy about. They are a great Canadian band. I wanted to see ARTIC MONKEYS at the V festival, but we didn’t get time.

[MAX W]:You will be back in Montreal in early November with three amazing bands from Montreal: Grimskunk, Ste-Catherine and Dirty Tricks. What can we expected at that show?

[PEARSE]: A splendid time is guaranteed for all. GRIMSKUNK are a great band, and great guys. They were like our family last time in Canada. I would like to thank Vince, Pete, Alain, Joe and Franz for their hospitality. Just great performers and the coolest guys over 60 I’ve ever met.

[MAX W]:You guys made a video for the song For Real. I must say it’s a pretty good song. How was the experience?? And do you think that we will see another video soon?

[PEARSE]: That video was particularly cool because we shot it in New York with our good friends Tim and Helen. We were all friends and a good team so the experience was amazing. We had a great time stumbling around in cabs and bars. I suppose there will be another video when we release another single.

[MAX W]:What are the future plans for The Heights???

[PEARSE]: To write the best music we can.

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