Surefire Machine (11 août 2009)

Entrevue de Dave avec Zeke

Ces jours-ci, un musicien bien spécial a décidé de se faire tattouer en sautant en parachute dans l’Ouest canadien. Voici un entretien que nous avons eu avec ce personnage assez unique.

[DAVE]: You are planning a very special stunt on August 11th. Can you describe to us exactly what you’ll be doing?

: I'll be jumping out of a plane above 10,000 ft and getting tattooed while doing it. Basically stupid shit man!

[DAVE]: Where did the idea come from?

: Where all good ideas come from: a three day drunk!

[DAVE]: Have you ever jumped before?

: Just once during prep for this jump.

[DAVE]: What was the reaction of your friends/family when you told them about this idea?

: As for my friends, it was either laughter or that's fuckin rad!. Family was like here he goes again. My Mother is now strongly against drinking during pregnancy.

[DAVE]: How do you plan for such a stunt?

: Lots of drinking.

[DAVE]: What other tattoos do you currently have? What is their meaning?

: I have a sleeve on my right forearm that was done by a friend of mine, also oddly enough from Edmonton, 3 years ago. It's a tripped out treble cleft. I got it done in Golden, BC where our band first formed. When Rail Road and I decided to move to TO to rock it for real my girlfriend at the time bought it for me to symbolize my full commitment to rock n roll. The relationship didn't last much past me committing my self fully to rock. Girls don't like to be second. Love the tat though!

[DAVE]: Where can people get more information on this?

: You can just Google SUREFIRE MACHINE skydiving tattoo and you'll get it all! Or you can check us out at

PunkMeUp aimerait remercier Melissa Hetu et Jon Asher pour avoir rendu cette entrevue possible.

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