Mad Caddies (13 novembre 2009)

Entrevue de Dave avec Keith Douglas

Nous ne pouvions définitivement pas passer sous silence la venue d'un des groupes de ska punk les plus importants, MAD CADDIES. Nous avons donc pris quelques minutes pour nous entretenir avec Keith Douglas de la formation afin de discuter des derniers développements concernant le groupe.

[DAVE]: You just went on a summer European Tour. Who did you tour with?

: It was more of a festival tour with a few clubs shows thrown in the mix. We ran into a bunch of our friends out there but we were always on the move. We played a few dates with A WILHELM SCREAM though. Good guys.

[DAVE]: I noticed that you did a lot of festivals over there. Do you prefer those to the Vans Warped Tour?

: European fests are definitely very different. I do prefer them actually. There's more attention to details, bands play more substantial sets and there's none of the logistical nightmare of keeping a traveling circus moving. The lineups tend to be more diverse as far as musical genres represented too.

[DAVE]: What’s the state of punk and ska in Europe? Any good bands we should know about?

: I'd say that trends aren't followed as closely over there. There's still a pretty big following for melodic punk and what would typically be considered 3rd wave ska. Fans just stick with what they know and like. We've continued to draw larger crowds in most parts of Europe over the years and that's not showing any signs of slowing. I just heard a great band from Spain called THE PEPPER POTS, good traditional ska/soul.

[DAVE]: You will be playing in Montreal in the upcomming weeks. Every time you come to Quebec, people just go wild when you get on stage. Do you find that you a special relation from people up here?

: Yes! The Quebecois definitely know how to have a good time. Our biggest following in North America has consistently been in Montreal and Quebec City and I hope that's because our shows appeal to the laid-back nature out there.

[DAVE]: Are you playing pretty much the same songs night after night or are you mixing them quite on lot while on tour? Any chace we can get a peak at what we’lll be hearing at the show?

: We've had a couple of lineup changes recently. Our friend Fil from Toronto is playing bass for us this time around so we're sticking to a pretty consistent set with the exception of few subs. We've been working up some of the unreleased material and will definitely be throwin at least one new one in the mix.

[DAVE]: How’s the tour so far?

: It's going great! Always a good time up here. We've seen a bunch of familiar faces already and we're really lookin forward to gettin further east.

[DAVE]: Any funny story you’d like to share with us?

: Well... The last time we tried to enter your fine country we found out that our bus driver was a multiple felon... Once we were turned around and headed back to the US to change drivers we proceeded to run a red light at the immigration kiosk and that prompted all of us being removed from the bus by US officers with their hands on their holstered pistols. They then found out that our British bass player had performed a couple of shows the prior week without a US work permit and deportred him to Canada (luckily he had a Canadian work permit of he woud've been jailed and then flown to the UK). By the time this all had been sorted out, we missed the last ferry to Victoria and had to jump on a newspaper delivery 10 seater prop-plane with our instruments in hand, which was a pretty bumpy ride. We got to the venue with literally 15 minutes to spare, sober and hungry. We washed some white brerad down with a couple of Kokanees and hit the stage on time. It was fuckin nuts!

[DAVE]: It’s been two years since we’ve heard a new song from MAD CADDIES. Are you working on new songs right now?

: Yeah, we've already recorded 5 songs back in California and are workin on more during soundchecks and whenever there's some downtime out here. We're set to get back in the studio in January.

[DAVE]: Looking back on Keep It Going, do you have any regrets? What are most proud of when you think of that album?

: I guess my (our) biggest regret might very well be that we had to axe a few songs that we were pretty happy with. We recorded roughly 25 complete tracks and then were faced with cutting the fat. It's likely that a couple of those songs may be re-vamped or released on our upcoming disc. What I'm most proud of would have to be the amount that we collaborated as an entire unit on that release. The songwriting was truly a team effort for that one.

[DAVE]: Many bands are working on exclusive digital downloads, special online offers, etc. Is it something you’re considering for the future?

: For sure. We're not the most electronically inclined of bands but we've definitely rolled the idea around and as this release starts to solidify we'll get a better idea.

[DAVE]: In the past, you’ve had a very fatalist attitude towards digital piracy. Do you still have the same attitude today?

: If by that you mean, that we've accepted the fact that people will continually get better access to our music for free until (unless) the music industry make some major adjustments. Then, yes. I think regardless of how someone obtains music it will help any band that stays afloat through touring and live performance (like us).

[DAVE]: Any last words to get your fans off their couch and to the show on November 15th ?

: We miss Montreal! We can't wait to get out there. Come out on a sunday and let's fuckin tear it up! Then it's biere fort and poutine well into the night. See you all there!

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