Blaqk Audio (25 septembre 2007)

Entrevue de Max Wingender avec Davey Et Jade

BLAQK AUDIO, le nouveau projet des membres de AFI comprenant le chanteur Davey Havok et le guitariste programmeur Jade Puget, était de passage à Montréal le lundi 11 septembre 2007. C’est pour promouvoir leur premier album intitulé CexCells que ce nouveau duo au style musical électronique s’est produit au Théâtre Juste pour Rire. Punkmeup a profité de cette journée pour interviewer les deux membres du groupe.

[MAX W]: Where did the band’s name come from?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: Hum! You know, because we play electronic music, the Audio was kind of obvious and, it is sort on a darker side you know. We didn’t want to do something that was… Initially, we didn’t want to do something that was too dark. And we don’t want to end into pretty poppy stuff. So the Black was kind of just, you know, given that dark vibe. Just like electronic music.

[MAX W]: How would you describe BLAQK AUDIOM and your music?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: It is very poppy, structured, vocal focused […] on the floor dance music with some moments of down tempo.

[MAX W]: You guys have been playing together for almost ten years so when did you first thinking forming BLAQK AUDIO?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: We started talking about BLAQK AUDIO about 2002 but we were so busy with AFI at the time that we didn’t have the time to really focus on it and get done what we wanted to do. But in the past six or seven months, we decided that we really really wanted to spend all our free time doing this in order to put out the record that we wanted to put out for years.

[MAX W]: Both of you played for a few years punk-rock music and after that kind of post-punk. With BLAQK AUDIO, you're into electro/industrial music. How would you explain this new direction?

[Havok]: We grew up as long time fans of electronica. And it’s something that we wanted to do for years and years and years. And so when we decided to start the project in 2002, it was, you know, very exiting for us. It’s very exiting for us now to finally realise it.

[MAX W]: Can you tell me some of your influences for that project?

[Pudget]: Actually, when we were listening to punk, like when I was in High School, all I wanted to do was listen to punk. We were listening to electronic bands too because it was, to me, the same thing. Bands like MINISTRY and IN YOUR BABELAND. They play this really aggressive music. It was electronic, but it was aggressive. It was much like punk to us and we didn’t, well I didn’t see much of the difference as long it was aggressive so, we started to like stuff like this back then. Even DEPECHE MODE and the more popular stuff. I always liked stuff like So Much 23 and Dj’s stuff like Dj Shadow, Hope Cool, that stuff and some of the more weird stuff like HEARTTAKER, SQUAREPUSHER. A lot of stuff. It could go on forever.

[MAX W]: How does the songwriting work?

[Pudget]: I write all the music and then I send it over to him. And he does his thing.

[Havok]: Yeah! Then I pick music and write melodies. And then I write over the melodies.

[Pudget]: Very streamline project.

[Havok] : And it works very well (laughs)

[MAX W]: Davey, you are the one that wrote the lyrics and the melodies. So, what are the main subjects of BLAQK AUDIO’s songs?

[Havok]: Most of the record is about sex and different sexual scenarios and different sexual perspectives. It doesn’t cover the entirety of the record but the majority of it. There is some suicide fantasy in there, and some hum! A little bit of genocide, but the rest is Sex!!! (laughs)

[MAX W]: This one's for Jade Pudget . You are a programmer and you do the keyboards. Were you familiar with programming before you started BLAQK AUDIO? There is some programming and some keyboard on a few AFI songs?

[Pudget]: Yeah! Really, right after I joined AFI in 1998, I started programming and you know, it takes a long time to really get good at it. And I had always been a fan so, you know, when I got my first computer, I started messing around with it. And then, adding stuff to AFI records mainly on Sign the Sorrow. But at the time, you know, before that record came out, I wasn’t pretty good at it so, you know, I though like now it’s time to actually make a record.

[MAX W]: Do you work mainly with digital or analog?

[Pudget]: I have a lot of synthesizers but I program all the drums and all the stuff. I don’t use drummachines so I program a lot of software.

[MAX W]: Now that SexCells is out, does it make the project seem more real to you? Do you feel you have obligations such as touring and delivering new material towards your fans?

[Pudget]: Well we’re very exited to do it. I mean, we are on tour right now and it’s something that we really wanted to do because this is something that we are really passionate about anyways. We are obligated too, but because this is, you know, our passion, we are touring rough and we're having fun. And we will continue to make records.

[MAX W]: Did anyone else contribute to this album? Did Nick Thirteen from TIGER ARMY participate?

[Pudget]: Yeah! We had some friends like Dan and Nick. Also our friend Jen who does the kind of girl voice in one of the songs. That’s the usual things we do with AFI. Some friends come in and put some back vocals on. But musically, no one else contributed. It was just us two.

[MAX W]: Do you think that BLAQK AUDIO will reach the same fan base as AFI?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: Mmm!! It could be (laugh). Electronic is a great music anyway and appreciated from a lot of people. Some are not listening to it because they're thinking Oh! Electronic, that’s like rave music, I don’t like that. Even if they don’t really know about it. So, I think that people really need to get out there and express themselves and see what’s going on there because there is a lot of really cool different stuffs.

[MAX W]: Is there some kind of continuity between BLAQK AUDIO and AFI?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: It's because it’s us and you know, we are the primary songwriters of AFI. So there's gonna be a continuity even if it’s a different style of music.

[MAX W]: What are the things that people should know about BLAQK AUDIO?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: BLAQK AUDIO is very poppy dance music. You know, a lot people don't even know that it's us from AFI. People that are real AFI fans might be like You guys have a side project? (laughs). So it’s us (laughs). Never mind (laughs). Secondly, it’s all electronic, not rock at all. And it’s pop and dance. It’s just not like a kind of crazy industrial. I think these are the main points. It’s not as dark as our first single. Because if you had heard just one song….

[Havok]: Some of our songs are maybe darker than our single

[Pudget]: True. But more of it are more like dance club friendly, like up the scene…

[MAX W]: Something like party…

[BLAQK AUDIO]: Yeah! It’s party music. Yes!! Yes.

[MAX W]: I didn’t see a lot of publicity around BLAQK AUDIO considering that two guys that are well know in the music industry are playing in the band (apart from the AP’s front page). Do you want to keep this project as an underground thing?

[Havok]: Oh! No, not at all. It’s just that people just don’t know about it (laugh). We wanted it to be just like any other music that we’ve created. We'd like it if anybody who could appreciate us would be able to ear it and, you know, know about it. You know, we’ve never been precious with that music that way.

[MAX W]: Today, you'll be playing a show with a relatively small audience. What are the big differences? Do you like to play small shows?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: Well, it’s not really a preference; maybe we are doing small shows because that many people don’t know about us (laughs). It’s fun doing the small shows because you know, when everybody is kind of packed in and dancing, it’s kind of a cool vibe, you know. I think we would like to play big shows but, big shows, you know, I don’t think that the same sweaty club vibe isn’t really there when you, it’s like dancing stuffs. It’s interesting!!

[MAX W]: In shows, you are the only two on stage?

[Havok]: Jade is on a platform in the center of the stage with keyboards and computers. I’m around in the front of the stage singing and screaming.

[MAX W]: Do you think that BLAQK AUDIO will have new band members one day?

[BLAQK AUDIO]: Nah!! Just us!! Nah, there’s nothing for anyone else to do. I mean I guess that other people could play some other keyboards. No, it’s just us. We want to keep it kind of what it is. We could get some dancers (smile) or fire breather (smile).

[MAX W]: So, thank you guys for your time.

[BLAQK AUDIO]: Sure, thank you.

[MAX W]: See you at the show.

[BLAQK AUDIO]: Yeah! You are coming. Oh! Cool! See you there!!!

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