Thought Riot (03 décembre 2004)

Marc de Thought Riot a répondu à nos questions. Le groupe revient d'une tournée avec Anti-Flag et a lancé un tout nouvel album récemment intitulé Sketches Of Undying Will. Le groupe est toujours aussi engagé et exalté tant sur scène que dans ses paroles. Mais je les laisse s'exprimer.

Where are you now, and where would you rather be?

In my room sitting at my computer desk, oh yeah, and i'm sick. Being anywhere else on tour, and not sick, sounds good to me presently.

Describe your band in 7 words or less

That band what's gonna learn you something.

What makes your band want to rock every night?

It really is as simple as a love of music and performing.

Is your band entertainment? Explain.

Of course it is. Music is entertaining. People listen or watch us because in some way they derive enjoyment from it.

What did you have to do to get a label to notice you?

We recorded a 4-song demo and sent it out to every label we could think of.

Did you ever listen to the advice you received from others? Did you rise or fall?

We’ve listened to a lot of advice. Some of it fit the way we want to do things, some of it didn’t. As a growing band, we’re still discovering how it is we want this band to do things.

If you had to add an instrument to your band (different from the ones you already have), which one would you choose and why?

Probably a keyboardist. My brother’s band’s keyboardist is really incredible and I have liked what they’ve been doing.

What’s the best thing you earned because of your band?

The friendships of people all over the United States, from everyone at A-F Records on the other side of the states in Pittsburgh, Pa to all the incredible people all over that have gone out to eat with us, given us a place to crash, or spent timing talking to us at shows.

What’s the worst thing you lost because of your band?

Stability. It’s hard to plans things when you don’t know when you’ll be touring. Having the constant worry of paying rent and maintaining the jobs despite touring. It’s not bad, but I guess it’s the “worst”.

What’s your closest encounter with the third kind or any other paranormal activity?

If only I had such a story. I guess it would just have to be my pleasure in watching the X-files seasons 1-5.

What quote first comes to your mind?

“without music life would be a mistake” - Nietzsche.

When I think of Canada, I think of…

Beautiful landscapes and people.

If you had to put out a benefit concert, what would it be for, and who would play?

I’d really like to play benefit concerts to raise money for the legal costs of people arrested for protesting.

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