Broadway Calls (16 septembre 2009)

Entrevue de Dave avec Ty

La jeune formation de pop punk vient de lancer son tout nouvel album sur Smallman Records et nous avons cru bon de prendre quelques minutes pour discuter de leurs spectacles et de leur musique. Ty est le chanteur du groupe.

[DAVE]: Even though your band is still fairly new (3-4 years old), you have been a part of the music industry for quite some time now. How did that past experience help you when you started the band?

We knew immediately that if we wanted anything to happen with this band, we needed to tour as soon as possible. So we recorded a demo, which turned into our first EP, and released it for free download online. That really helped with our first tour. Being a new band and having kids already sing along the first time you roll into town was exciting.

[DAVE]: Even though you’re from the USA, you signed with a Canadian label for distribution in Canada. Why did you take that road?

The only reason we hooked up with Smallman is because Smallman rules. I doubt we would have worked with another Canadian label. They have great bands, and they're great people.

[DAVE]: In 2008, you had to kick off Robbie from the band half way through the tour. How difficult was it to part ways with him like that?

We never kicked Robert out! He quit because he had never toured before, and he had a new baby at home. I think he just couldn't really deal with touring at our level while his daughter was growing up at home. We kicked out a guy named Chris that played guitar with us for a tour and a half....that wasn't hard to do at all.

[DAVE]: Ty and Josh have been playing together for quite some time now. What is your secret for staying together for so long?

I think we're just a great team. We work well together and make some good songs. We've never toured with anyone but each other, so it's really all we know! We still have fun, and that's what matters.

[DAVE]: You just launched your brand new album, Good Views, Bad News. How did that project evolve through the recording process?

We decided in late summer '08 that it was time to start thinking about a new record. So after we finished our touring for the year, in late November, we started writing. It was kind of a grueling process. Trying to write a fun summer pop punk record in the dead of winter, while I'm literally snowed in and the power is out! It was more of a test to see if I could. The lyrics were becoming more and more dark. The music and melodies were always pop punk though. So then in January we went to Europe with ALKALINE TRIO, and when we came back we had two weeks to write a couple more songs before entering the studio. I had talked to Bill Stevenson on the phone, and he told me to get inspired. So I did. The last four songs we wrote are my favorite songs on the record.

[DAVE]: In what is it different then your first self-titled album musically?

It's a shorter, more focused record. With our self-titled, we put every song we had on it, because we just though that's what we were supposed to do. With this one, we cut five songs, then cut another two. We streamlined everything, and Bill made sure that every instant of music on the record matters.

[DAVE]: What are the main themes in the lyrics?

This record deals a lot with my minor winter depression I was dealing with while writing. There's songs about how I'm no good at life, and there's songs about breaking through that and coming out happy on the other side. There's songs about love, friends, partying, revenge, and the end of the world. It's kind of all over the place.

[DAVE]: Information vs entertainment. Which is most important for you while playing music?

Entertainment. I honestly don't pay attention to lyrics very often unless it's hip hop. I know that in doing that, I don't represent the average music listener though. Message is important. It's important to let people know where you're coming from and give them a chance to relate. Without that there wouldn't be people singing along, and that's all I want.

[DAVE]: You just released a video for the first single of the album. Was it your first? Where did the concept come from?

No. We've shot two videos before this one, for our first record. This one was the director Josh Landan's idea, and he basically took straight from the lyrics and made a video about a predatory military recruiter who has singled out a poor kid. It happens everyday in this country.

[DAVE]: You are known for being on the road a lot. What gives you the energy to play shows night after night?

Mostly just the hope that it's going to be a good show. When we have a great show somewhere that we've never had one, it feeds this whole new energy into the band. Plus, honestly it's extremely fun to tour and play shows every night. It's the best job I will ever have.

[DAVE]: Life on the road or life at home. Which one do you love the most?

I love them both for seperate reasons. I'm typing this while laying in my bed. Its the first time being in my own bed in three weeks. We just got home from Europe, and we leave for the east coast in two days. I'm kind of dreading leaving again, because I haven't seen all the people I wanna see here. But I have friends back east that I'm really excited to see as well. So, it's all about loved ones and balancing the time you're around them.

[DAVE]: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Tour, tour, tour. We have tours with all of the following bands: STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO, GASLIGHT ANTHEM, MURDER BY DEATH, BOUNCING SOULS, SET YOUR GOALS...

[DAVE]: Any last words for your fans from Quebec?

See you soon hopefully!!! We'll be rolling through Quebec City and Montreal on our upcoming tours!!

Nous voudrions remercier Leila Kuzyk de Rebel Music pour avoir organisé cette entrevue.

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