Lock And Key (28 janvier 2005)

Voici une entrevue avec Lock And Key, qui lançait en octobre dernier l'excellent Pull Up The Floorboards.

It's really hard to find info on you guys, how the band started and everything. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? I know the band has been together for 3 years; Did you play in other bands before joining forces as Lock And Key? Where does all the anger in your songs come from?

Keith and I played in a melodic hardcore band before Lock and Key. Josh and Mike both played in other bands as well. None of our previous bands did anything close to what we are doing now...As far the anger goes, I think everybody has a lot of anger in them. Or at least they should. Some people just don't have the balls to let it out. It's a good thing to get it out too. It sounds cliche but doing it through music is one of the best ways to do it. No one gets hurt...

You launched a new album, Pull Up The Floorboards, at the end of October on Deep Elm. How did you hook up with them? How did the recording process go?

We sent Deep Elm our first EP, they re released "No Fate" in April of 04' We had a bunch of songs written for "Floorboards" already so we got into the studio and tracked all the music before we left on our first big tour last summer. When we returned home 7 weeks later we put the finishing touches on the artwork and mastered it.

What do the lyrics on your new material deal with?

Most of my lyrics are pretty self explanatory. Theres a lot of love lost, and coming age style themes with a few hints of politics and social ideals in there too.

You say you are influenced by such bands as HWM, Small Brown Bike (R.I.P.) and many more. What was it about these bands that left the biggest impression?

The energy and the passion. I mean we all love the way they sound, but you can literally here the sincerity in their voices and lyrics are no joke either. If we can get so much out of listening to them, the idea is that hopefully we can pass that same feeling on to a new generation.

Your music is emotionally charged, powerful and dark. How important is it for you guys to have songs like that to play live?

It's what makes us who we are. It makes playing every a show unique, it helps to take away the feeling that we are simply staging an act for people to watch every night.

With whom have you guys toured so far, and how is the tour going? What ís the reaction to the new songs?

Honestly, we haven't toured with enough bands! We've done some long ass stints on the road alone. It's definitely helped us grow as a band, but theres a lot to learn from others as well. We hope to always be touring with other bands from this point on. We've been lucky enough to tour with Smoke or Fire (named Jericho at that time), Geography, and Recovery Period. This March we'll be touring with J. Page, and Geography again.

What's your favorite venue and why?

It wasn't the best show, but one of the best venues we've ever played was the Triple Rock in Minneapolis. The guys in Dillenger Four own and operate it so they treat bands well. Free Drinks all night, and unbelievably good free food for bands. Not to mention the best punk rock jukebox I've ever seen.

When I think of Canada, I think of...

Montreal. We did a one off show in Montreal once. We went through hell at the border but we played a small show to a very receptive crowd at the Salle De L'X (excuse my spelling). Afterwords we stayed up almost all night and crashed in a cheap motel where we were offered a prostitute at the front desk. We travelled in pairs to bathroom down the hall, it was that scary.

If you had to put out a benefit concert, what would it be for and who would you invite to be apart of the event?

I'd like to do a benefit for a reliable all ages venue in Boston. I'd invite the biggest bands in town.

Any up and coming local bands from your town we should be on the lookout for in the next few months?

The Call Up, Shanghai Valentine, No Trigger, Slater, Crisis Bureau, Eyes Like Knives.

Any last words/plan for the upcoming months (any plans for Canada)?

There's a talk of a Canadian tour with No Trigger this summer! No details as of yet.

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