Keepin 6 (23 mai 2007)

Entrevue de Dave avec Brian et Jason

PMU: Hi, may I get your names please?

K6: Brian and Jason.

PMU: Many people in Montreal may not know who you are so could you fill us in on who is KEEPIN'6 and where you are from?

K6: We are a ska-punk band from Mississauga, Ontario. Our music is full of energy.

PMU: You guys have been on the Crash Tour III with THE JOHNSTONES. How is it so far?

K6: The tour is almost ending, tonight is second to last show. We have one more show next friday in Toronto. Tonight is the last show we have out in a different province, and then we are back home. It’s been good times, some good shows and stuff.

PMU: You guys have been long friends THE JOHNSTONES?

K6: Yeah, for a few years now. We’ve been doing the Crash Tour with them and it’s the third one so far, so we’ve known them for a few years. It’s a thing we do pretty much every year with THE JOHNSTONES.

PMU: You guys have always been playing a lot of shows. Is being on the road a lot important to you?

K6: It’s definitely the only way you can get your band out. You can’t expect people to go to see bands that are not playing… So we get out there and try to spread the word of the music I guess.

PMU: What is the Southern Ontario scene like right now?

K6: The Southern Ontario scene is looking pretty good. There is definitely a lot of bands, a lot of music going on, there is good music pretty much everywhere, in every city, every local show we go.

PMU: And there's a couple of good bands coming up like you and THE JOHNSTONES and THE FLATLINERS.

K6: Yeah.

PMU: You guys have a new album coming up on June 12...

K6: That’s right.

PMU: Why did you choose Stereo Dynamite to release your album?

K6: These guys are wicked! We ended up just becoming good friends, started working with each other and it seemed like the right thing to do, the right label and the perfect image for us with every little thing they do. Adam is a great guy, it’s cool to work with them. There is also a lot of great bands on that as well, the main ones are VIDEO DEAD, THE CREEPSHOW, MATADORS

PMU: So this is your first full length album, right?

K6: That’s correct.

PMU: How was the recording process, how did it go?

K6: Really good, we recorded with Steve Rizun, he’s done bands like THE FLATLINERS, CREEPSHOW, HOSTAGE LIFE, etc … He’s really good, it went well, we did it over the summer, took a couple of months, we did about eight tracks in August and then came back and did three more tracks in October or November.

PMU: How do you describe the sound of Uncensored?

K6: Very neat. It’s definitely not like anything else out there, there is something for everyone it seems on it.

PMU: How did it change over the recording process, was it like you thought it would be when you started?

K6: The songs never really change much. We had all the ideas before. Actually we recorded three songs and changed a few things and that’s all. We don’t want to trade so much from what we originally do. We didn’t add anything.

PMU: Where does the title come from?

K6: It was raw!

PMU: Is it how you thought your music was like?

K6: Yeah!! It’s hard to find a title that fits the artist, it just seems like the right thing, it just popped out of nowhere, just like our band name, it just came from nowhere

PMU: I have listened to your songs, they are rapid, action-packed songs. Is it important for you to have those kind of songs? Seems to me that a lot of bands are moving back to the reggae roots...

K6: I think it’s a lot of fun to play shows and play where people are full of energy. I’d rather have that than people that .. you know. I know that reggae music is really amazing, but I prefer a show with people that are full of energy. It pumps me up, it pumps the whole band up. We just like the fast energy and we intend to play really fast live, we just kick it away from us, feet off the ground!

PMU: What were the influences while writing your album?

K6: One influence has always been OPERATION IVY. Among others there is SUICIDE MACHINES. We all listen to tons of music, not just ska-punk, but a lot of music. We all like different styles.

PMU: On the album you have a song named PFY634? What the hell does it means?

K6: Well it was a song about a story, we were playing a show in London, Ontario and we were staying at a buddy’s house and the cops came and we were hassled about being loud and stuff and we were just like.. well just listen to the song, it’s a story !! The nicest part is the cop part ! We told ourselves we would write a song about it, and we did, so… Just listen to the story!!

PMU: What are the main themes of the lyrics on the album? Is it more political? Personal?

K6: Everything. It's just a mix of a lot of themes, social groups and all, but not really much into politics. We are not really a band that will go there and talk about politic, there is so many different views and we don’t want to step into these fields. Personal views we could talk about it in the songs but it just not necessarily the right thing to say, we try to stay away from that as much as we can. We all have different personal political view so…we better keep it a little more fun.

PMU: What are you listening to right now?

K6: TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS, PENNYWISE, OPERATION IVY , COMMON RIDER, old-skool Jamaican ska, this is the stuff we listen to today.

PMU: What are the plans for the upcoming months?

K6: Tour, we have the CD coming out and after that playing a lot of shows. We will be in Ontario for the most part of June and all and after that we’ll be coming back here some time in the summer, trying to get the word around.

PMU: Are you going to go to the US?

K6: Ah, it’s not the main thing on our minds for now, we rather keep doing what we are doing here in Canada. We really want more to grow bigger here, and don’t feel we need to go there now, but it’ll come in time

PMU: Any last word?

K6: Check out the album coming out on June 12th in stores everywhere across Canada and check out our MySpace.

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