Monikers (05 juin 2007)

Entrevue de Cath avec Ryan Seagrist

En décembre dernier, on vous donnait neuf bonnes raisons de découvrir MONIKERS. Au cas où vous seriez paresseux et n'alliez pas voir où pointe ce lien, laissez-nous vous rappeler que cette formation floridienne est le nouveau passe-temps de Ryan Seagrist, anciemment de DISCOUNT. Le groupe n'est pas encore rendu à un premier long jeu, mais ne mérite pas moins votre attention. En fait, ils sont tellement tout neufs qu'on a le plaisir d'être les premiers à qui ils accordent une entrevue.

Describe your band in seven words or less.
A sex-filled rock and roll explosion.

We called our band MONIKERS because ...
We couldn't think of a name that would be any better. I had always wanted to called a band Monitors, but it was taken. We went with MONIKERS are from... instead. Unfortunately, there is a band from Washington called THE MONIKERS. We have both agreed to live symbiotically in the world of music. They are our MySpace friends.

MONIKERS are from...
Orlando, Florida

...which is the finest place to be because...

Disney says so.

Eat Your Young is a record of...
Timeless pop gems disguised as average gritty pop punk fodder.

KISS OF DEATH put out or record because...
They knew it would make them lots of money. Or lose lots of money. One or the other, I can't remember.

People should check it out because...
It will change your fucking life.

We’re planning on releasing a full-length…
a) Soon
b) Never – we're breaking up
c) None of the above

A - we're going to start recording in the next month or two. It will have about twelve songs, and the tentative title is All The Kids Are Doing It.

Every single punk band is on MySpace because…
a) They're lazy and don't wanna bother maintaining a website
b) MySpace is fucking awesome
c) None of the above

A - it's easy. We have both, although we rarely update the real site. Check it - There is an alligator on it.

The most underrated band in music today is...
THE ERGS. They rule.

The most overrated band in music today is...
LIFETIME. Well, any band that decides to get back together because they think that they can make it this time around. Let it lie.

Punk rock is not dangerous anymore - YESTERDAY’S RING. How do you feel about this statement?
True as anything. We've been cooped by the mainstream. It was inevitable though. For a long time, nothing very good came out, but things seem to be getting better now. Bands just started caring too much. Fortunately for all of you, we don't give a shit.

Our proudest moment as a band is
a) Doing the tribute to LEATHERFACE comp
b) Just having Ryan, cause DISCOUNT was so much better than MONIKERS
c) Other

C - actually getting our shit together to tour. We plan on doing it again too. Make it to California, start a family, settle down, and retire in Palm Springs. We leave in the fall.

The best job in the world is...
Being unemployed. I have had many opportunities to be unemployed in my life, and I look forward to the next. We all work at Whole Foods at the present moment. Scotty doesn't - he got fired for eating a bagel in the bakery cooler. He works with Publix, our bitter enemy.

MONIKERS would make history in a flash if we could just...
Have Oprah recommend us on her show. Everyone listens to Oprah.

When I think of Canada, I think of...
Nice people and clean cities.

MONIKERS is expected to play in Montreal
a) This summer
b) Some day
c) We don’t wander beyond a twenty-five mile radius of our hometown
d) None of the above

B - we prefer to remain vague on the matter.

In closing, I’d like to mention that...
We appreciate this, our first interview. Cheers.

Merci à Ryan d'avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos questions, ainsi qu'à Sean chez Invisible Youth d'avoir coordonné le tout.

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