The Ataris (12 octobre 2007)

Entrevue de Max Wingender avec Kris

PunkMeUp s’est entretenu avec le chanteur et fondateur du groupe THE ATARIS, Kris Roe, lors de leur passage à Montréal le 12 octobre 2007 au Club Lambi en compagnie notamment de CRANE. L’entrevue, qui n’était pas nécessairement prévue, s’est déroulée lors d’un court entracte entre deux groupes. Kris a eu toutefois l’amabilité de nous consacrer ces quelques minutes puisque l’entrevue devait se faire dans la mesure du possible avant que le prochain groupe ne commence à jouer. Nous avons eu l’occasion de discuter entre autres sur les raisons de leur tournée, de leur plus récent album et de leurs projets futurs.

[MAX W] So, I’m now with Kris from THE ATARIS. So you guys are touring for your new album Welcome the Night?

[KRIS] No, not really. I mean we’ve done this earlier this year. So, basically this tour, we booked ourselves up over our MySpace and it’s just a little small tour, so we can go out and play a bunch of old songs. We play some really small intimate clubs. Just kind of doing something fun before we start recording our next record.

[MAX W] For this tour, you asked some of your fans to book some of your shows. It’s pretty interesting.

[KRIS] Yeah, it was kind of cool. I mean, we have a booking agent and he books a lot of big clubs and everything. But we wanted to go out and do a tour that was kind of smaller places and really really personal shows. And we figured a way to give a chance to our fans to book THE ATARIS.

[MAX W] Can we talk about your last album Welcome the Night a little bit?

[KRIS] Sure!

[MAX W] A few poeple say that you guys took a new direction for this album. So what do you think about that?

[KRIS] No, I think that is good. I feel that every man should continue to evolve and do something daring. I think the big differences is like, on the earlier CDs, I did mostly all the song writing. I mean wrote all the drums, the bass, and the guitar and recorded most of it as well. And for once, I think we have the musical freedom as band. So we have grown and expand and do something different. And there was nothing preconceived. It was just kind of, the songs kind of wrote themselves and turned out that way. I think it was a lot a product of what I was going through. You know, I went into a really big break-up with my ex-wife. It was like a therapy for me to write that album. So, it was a kind of dark part of my life but I’m happy. I think that I’ve never written anything that was more personal and so intense. So I’m very proud of it. But the songs that we are writing now for our next record are maybe more a kind of a return to what THE ATARIS has started. It’s more a kind of Blue Skies, Broken Heats...Next 12 Exits, So Long, Astoria, The End is Forever. You know, really really kind of more rock and more positive. A lot of breakdowns. You know like the bands I like, like JAWBREAKER. Because I loved to have that experience, that atmosphere, that side of music, but I feel I like to play songs that are more energetic and really off-beat.

[MAX W] Is it the same things for the lyrics?

[KRIS] I think that for me, the lyrics that I like the most that I’ve written are the ones that are really personals, deep and very intense. I think as a writer, you have to really fucking call yourself out and you have to be very personal. And make sure that you write the most fucking deepest part of your heart. If you do that, then I think that you do everything you can to be a good writer.

[MAX W] You guys are no longer with Colombia Records and now you have started Isola Recording. Would you tell me more about this?

[KRIS] After So Long, Astoria, we signed with Sanctuary. Sanctuary had bands like TEGAN AND SARA, MORRISSEY and IRON MAIDEN. And Sanctuary, they are no longer our label. So now, we are free to sign with whatever we want. So, we are recording some demos and we going to look for a label while our songs and demos will be finished. But for now, indie or major labels, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about who will get our music out there and the motives you know.

[MAX W] There are a few new members in the band...

[KRIS] Me and John we’ve been in this band since So Long, Astoria. And the only difference is that we have a new drummer and a new bass player. And we had a third guitar player. We tour as a five piece.

[MAX W] So you are not really seven in the band?

[KRIS] No, our cello player and our keyboard player were part of Welcome the Night. But, they both have families so, they can’t tour. We did a couple tours with them but right now, all we are is five people and that’s what will remain.

[MAX W] So, you guys are living in New York?

[KRIS] Most of the guys are living in New York but, I live in Indianapolis.

[MAX W] So you are still in Indianapolis?

[KRIS] Yeah!

[MAX W] Maybe we can do one or two last questions?

[KRIS] Yeah! Take your time. As long as there is no loud music, we just could talk for hours (Laugh).

[MAX W] You already answered a few questions at the same time (laugh).

[KRIS] Yeah! I talk very fast and I just get drunk and I just start rambling you know. So that’s cool man. Whatever (laugh).

[MAX W] So, how do you like Montreal?

[KRIS] I think that Montreal is probably one of the most amazing cites in all in Canada because it has such great artists and music community. So, one of my favourite band is coming from this city. I think that one of the most expressional bands I ever known is GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR.

[MAX W] Yeah!

[KRIS] Yeah! Like, it has such a great artists and community in that city. Like that label Constellation Records. It is based in Montreal. They put out such daring music. To me, I always try to write music at least in my own way and our own scene or as daring and personal. And that’s all I can hope, you know.

[MAX W] So tonight, are you going to play only old songs or you will add some new stuff?

[KRIS] We will play mostly older songs. Just because the size of the venue it’s mostly like smaller and personal shows. So we will play mostly some older songs. But we will play a couple of newer songs. But nothing brand new. We are just not prepared to play like anything else yet.

[MAX W] What are the main differences to play smaller shows then bigger shows? Do you have a preference?

[KRIS] Yeah! I prefer playing small shows like this one because it’s so much personal and so much more “in your face”. It’s the kind of shows I like to intend. So, I think that for us as band, that’s what we are about when we do a tour. I like when there is no security and when there are no overpriced tickets. It’s like, it’s just a bunch of people and a band playing. It’s like very unified. It’s like one thing. You know, the crowd and the band are together and there is no separation. That’s important in our music.

[MAX W] So thanks a lot for your time.

[KRIS] Sure! No problem.

Merci à Kris d’avoir pris le temps de s’entretenir avec nous.

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