Only Crime (22 août 2008)

Entrevue de Dave avec Russ

Dave s’est entrenu avec Russ Rankin (ex-chanteur de la défunte formation GOOD RIDDANCE), fondateur et chanteur de ONLY CRIME. Le groupe sera au Métropolis de Montréal le 6 septembre prochain en première partie de LAGWAGON.

[DAVE]: I have read that one of the reasons why ONLY CRIME was created was because your other bands weren’t active enough. After more than twenty years playing in bands, where does that hunger for more come from?

: I think all of us still had a lot of creativity left and wanted to have an opportunity to go in musical directions which perhaps our previous, more established bands weren’t suited to.

[DAVE]: What was your goal when you started ONLY CRIME? Do you think you’ve achieved it?

: Our only real “sonic” goal was to create heavy music with no metal and I think we have accomplished that.

[DAVE]: You’ve released two albums over the last four years. What were your influences (music, art, book) for these two albums?


[DAVE]: Looking back, what are you the most of proud on these albums?

: I like that they (especially Virulence our second album) don’t really sound like anything else. I like that we took chances and pushed the envelope.

[DAVE]: If there was one thing you could change, that would be…

: On our albums? I think they are pretty awesome records and also very representative of who and where we were at the times they were recorded.

[DAVE]: Almost a year ago, Doni Blair left the band. What was the impact on the band over the last year? Do you find it difficult to deal with the departure of a band member?

: It’s always tough to lose someone but it’s the nature of the beast I suppose. Doni is an awesome guy and we miss him and he is a great bass player. I generally take it pretty hard simply because I was a founding member of the band and there is some part of me that takes it personally even though I know that’s a ridiculous notion.

[DAVE]: You will be touring with two great punk bands this fall. How did the tour with LAGWAGON and MXPX come about?

: Our agent told us that LAGWAGON was looking for support bands so I contacted a couple of the guys from LAGWAGON directly, who I’ve known for years, and pitched us joining the tour. They were into it so that was that.

[DAVE]: The last time you were in Quebec, you played quite a few small venues. This time around, you will be playing the Métropolis. Does it make a difference if you’re playing in a small or big venue?

: No - I have always enjoyed the different aspects of playing both large and small venues.

[DAVE]: Have you been working on new material over the past months? Can we expect to hear some of it in the upcoming tour?

: With ONLY CRIME’s geographic issues (we are spread out throughout 4 different states) and everybody’s schedules over the last 6 months we haven’t been able to get together to write/demo new material since February. We are still aiming to get a new record written and are working on new material but none of it is ready to play on tour yet.

[DAVE]: What gives you the energy to go on stage night after night?

: Coffee?

[DAVE]: What are the bands you’re listening these days and that we should check out?

: The bands I listen to are all from a long, long time ago. THE GERMS, BLACK FLAG, ADOLESCENTS, TSOL, X, BAD BRAINS, etc.

[DAVE]: When you think of Canada, you think of?

: Hockey, Tim Horton’s (Tim Horton was a hockey player), Le Commensal, The Hockey Hall Of Fame, great shows and New York fries.

[DAVE]: Any last words?

: Thanks for all the support over the years!!

Merci à Russ d’avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos questions et à Melanie de Fat Wreck Chords pour avoir rendu cette entrevue possible.

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