Explosions In The Sky (08 septembre 2007)

Entrevue de Max avec Munaf, Micheal

Lors du festival Osheaga-MEG 2007, j’ai eu la chance de m’entretenir avec deux membres de la formation EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, soit Munaf Rayani et Michael James. Le groupe était d’ailleurs en tête d’affiche de la scène MEG lors de la première journée du festival. Ce groupe post-rock instrumental s’est fait connaître pour avoir effectué la trame sonore du film Saturday Night. J’ai profité de cet instant pour recueillir, entre autres, certaines informations concernant le groupe ainsi que de leur passage au National en février dernier et aux festivals Osheaga.

[MAX] Hi, I’m now with EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY from Austin, Texas.


[MAX] So it’s nice to meet you.

[EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY] Nice to meet you too!

[MAX] So, can you tell me your name?

[MUNAF] My name is Munaf, I play the guitar.
[MICHEAL] And I am Michael, I play the bass.

[MAX] First, there is something that I’m curious about. How do you find the name of the songs because you don’t have any vocals on them?

[MICHEAL] You know, a lot of times, when we’re writing the songs, we have images in our minds. Sort of kind of what, you know, the song is meaning to us. Sometimes it comes with a title like that, although sometimes we have a title before the song is even written. I just different ways, you know, something a praise that come to our minds and that inspire us and we think that is beautiful and it’s fitting for the music, it can come from anywhere.

[MAX] Before you name your band EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, your name was BREAKER MORANT. So why you’ve change for EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY?

[MICHEAL] We had the band named BREAKER MORANT for just a couple of weeks and we have heard that somebody else has this name. And we like it alright, but when we’ve heard that somebody else had it, it was very important for us to change. And then it all happen just by chance that… One day in conversation, we where talking about fireworks and, we referred them as EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY and so, we took it as EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.

[MAX] So, can we make a parallel with a definition of your music then?

[MICHEAL] Yeah! Definitely, I think that is just a very nice image. So it’s something that is immediately accessible to people when they think of the band, they can think of this image.

[MAX] So, how can you describe your music?

[MICHEAL] I think we can just typically describe it as, you know, rock music, instrumental rock music.
[MUNAF] Yeah, Definitely.

[MAX] We are close to the 9/11 day, so can you just briefly describe what happened with the release of Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever, because there were some critics back in time…

[MUNAF] Oh! Right!! It’s just because it was released like three weeks before 9/11 and because of the band’s name and some of the imageries in the album and matched up to what’s was going on in the world and it was by chance completely but I think, because of how similar or how it was related to the state of the world, I think it drew a lot of pretension to it. So, some people were not so happy with it, but other people were.

[MAX] So you guys released your fourth full length…


[MAX] Called All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. So what can we expect with this album?

[MICHEAL] I mean, a lot of ways it’s similar, you know, it is instrumental rock music. And we tried to keep it interesting in the context of instrumental music. Sometimes it’s going to be very quiet, or very sad or very loud and joyous and happy. But there are some differences. Certainly, when we are writing, you know, well it sounds like us, but our hope is that here is forward movement, you know. We don’t want to write the same songs. So, well, while we have our formula with the ingredient that we used, hopefully we had created a new dish. So this is the idea…

[MAX] Well it works!

[MUNAF + MICHEAL] Thank you.

[MAX] You guys just came back from a Montreal show a couple months ago. Back in February, I think? At the National…

[MUNAF + MICHEAL] Right! That’s right…

[MAX] And it was sold out!!

[MICHEAL] Yeah! It was amazing, you know!!

[MAX] So how was the show?

[MICHEAL] It was just amazing. We played in Montreal before, but this was our biggest crowd and the National is a really good place.
[MUNAF] Yeah! It’s a beautiful place. Every time we’ve come to Montreal, or in Canada, it just had gotten better. Every time you know, how lucky is that, because sometimes, you know, people forget about things quickly and it just now happens that they’ve stuck with us and that means a great deal.

[MAX] So you guys are happy to take part of the Osheaga-MEG festival?

[MUNAF + MICHEAL] Of course yeah! Absolutely.

[MAX] Are there any bands that you would like to see today or during the festival?

[MICHEAL] Yeah! We’ve already missed BLONDE REDHEAD which is a shame. But we will see them tomorrow because we play the V fest together. But, you know, STARS is about to play, and we’re gonna go check them out. FEIST is gonna play. She had such a great sound but, you know, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS are playing a little bit later and we’re gonna tour with them next month. So… yes, there are definitely bands that we want to go check out. You know, these festivals usually offer a great opportunity.

[MAX] So, do you like the scene in Montreal? What about the music and the fans?

[MUNAF + MICHEAL] Yeah! Of course. There is so much good music coming out of Canada. And I think a lot of that is gonna be because there are so many amazing music fans that want to support music so we love it here!

[MAX] So what are your plans for the future with EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY?

[MICHEAL] I hope it will just keep going you know. Hope that we can make music forever and just have it evolve into whatever… making movies or just keep writing albums that we enjoy you know. The day that we don’t enjoy it anymore is the day we will stop.

[MAX] Well, I hope that this won’t happen…

[MUNAF + MICHEAL] Right! I hope death becomes before that day (laughs)!

[MAX] So thank you very much!

[MUNAF + MICHEAL] No, thank you so much to you Max!

[MAX] So have a nice dinner now!

[MUNAF + MICHEAL] (laughs) Take care of yourself.

On tient a remercier Munaf et Micheal d’avoir pris le temps de s’entretenir avec nous.

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