Bouncing Souls (30 septembre 2009)

Entrevue de Jonathan avec Bryan

Afin de marquer le passage de la formation new-yorkaise à Montréal, nous avons discuté avec Bryan du passé et du présent de BOUNCING SOULS.

[JOS]: Do you remember how the band was formed 20 years ago?

It was just an extension of hanging out together. Making noise was one more fun thing to do after school in addition to skating, going to shows, etc.

[JOS]: What is the secret for keeping your sanity after playing in a band for 20 years?

It's weird, but once you've been to the very edge of sanity and managed to survive, nothing really bothers you anymore. Believe it or not, I have a sort of serenity with which I go through life now. Nothing in this world is such a big deal it's worth losing yourself over.

[JOS]: Some of you are now married and have children. How do you manage to keep up with your families while touring the world?

I've lost a couple serious relationships over the years due to all the touring. Currently touring life is testing a new girlfriend back at home for me. It's tough. But it's not impossible.

[JOS]: Was it important for you to stay true to your beliefs and not be a part of the entertainment machine and playing on MTV?

Yes, it was always important for me and I'm glad that we stayed true to our hearts. Money is fun and I wish I had some, but really some things are more important than money. Happiness and contentedness are priceless. We carry the torch for a good idea, the true ethics of punk rock.

[JOS]: What gives you the energy to go on stage night after night?

The kids who come to the show. They make each night different, and playing music always feels great and never gets old.

[JOS]: What has changed over the years when you think about the tours you're on?

In our case, not that much has changed. Just years and years of fun experiences, still holds true. We're touring right now with some of our oldest friends (YOUTH BRIGADE) and newest friends SAINT ALVIA and OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.

[JOS]: What's the weirdest thing you ever witnessed on tour?

Hard to say, so many years of weirdness. Recently witnessed a guy crowd-surfing in a wheelchair.

[JOS]: Looking back on your career, what is the thing that you the most proud of and what disappointed you the most?

Maybe most proud of surviving all the crazy years and continuing to keep fresh and relevent new music and ideas coming. I try not to dwell on regret, we've been pushing ourselves pretty well and working pretty hard all along.

[JOS]: Have you ever stopped of dropping the band? If so, what made you go on?

Why stop?

[JOS]: You're selling a new track each month for 99 cents. How did that idea come about and what's your take on digital rdistribution of music?

Digital distribution of music is just the way the world is now, you can't stop progress. We had fun experimenting with new technology and interestingly enough, found out that everybody still wants CDs. So we're gonna release the collection on a CD now, called Ghosts on the Boardwalk coming out soon (this winter) on our own label Chunksaah Records.

[JOS]: Any last words for your fans from Quebec?

Stay gold! See you soon!!!

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