The Johnstones (05 février 2008)

Entrevue de Val avec Ryan

Val s'est entretenu avec Ryan des JOHNSTONES en fin de semaine, histoire de faire un bilan sur les derniers mois et d'avoir un aperçu de ce qui est à venir pour la jeune formation ontarienne qui oeuvre présentement chez Stomp. Le groupe entame aujourd'hui une tournée à guichet fermés avec la formation canadienne HEDLEY, et s'arrêtera au National mercredi le 6 février.

[VAL] You started touring at quite a young age. How is the band perceived by your respective families?

[RYAN] These are the things they didn't like – us practicing in their house, driving us around, and missing school, but all our parents think we rock !

[VAL] You've been touring a lot since the record came out, how are you handling it? Not killing each other yet?

[RYAN] I think the trick is to be busy. Like if we had a day off and we just all sat around, that would be lame. So we make sure we always doing cool things. As soon as we're back though, we all hang out anyways, so in that respect its no different.

[VAL] Do you guys plan on hitting the US in the near future?

[RYAN] Im writing this from the US ! We are currently doing a bunch of dates in California, we're on our way back to start our canadian tour Tuesday with HEDLEY.

[VAL] What's the best city to play in for the Johnstones?

[RYAN] I dont know if i have a favourite city neccessarily, but whenever we play the big metropoltains, like Toronto or Montreal for example, people come in from all over and the shows are always enormous. The more people at the shows the better !

[VAL] What's one of the funniest things that happened to you on the road?

[RYAN] Me and Jarek have had to go to jail... so things like that where we get in a lot of trouble. And like once we got all the bands on our floor kicked out of their hotel rooms... At the time, I guess those things arent quite as funey, though. Haha!

[VAL] If you could pick any band(s) to go on the road with, who would it be?

[RYAN] BEATLES reunion from the grave. I think the attendence would be probably be reasonably high. I'm really looking forward to our first stadium tour though.

[VAL] What do you do when you're not touring?

[RYAN] Girls !!

[VAL] You've played Montreal several times now, do you see any changes in the crowd, any kind of evolution? Anything special you like to do when you're in town?

[RYAN] Well we always had a lot of fans there. But before it was kind of a situation where people would come out to see a big ska show, and we’d be there or something like that, whereas now we can actually headline our own shows and people come cause they're our fans specifically, and thats way cooler !

[VAL] Who's the most annoying guy in the band and why? Who's the smartest? The crazyiest?

[RYAN] Jarek's the most annoying, I'm the smartest, Rene's the craziest prone to snap on a whim and capable of anything.

[VAL] What is your favorite Johnstones song and why?

[RYAN] My favourite eh… a new one that you haven't heard. But it'lll be on the new album, which will be phenomenal.

[VAL] What are some of the bands that have influenced you the most?

[RYAN] Writing-wise, I get influenced by some weird ones and it's more about what works personally, but bands like RANCID, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, BEASTIE BOYS have influenced my life the most – attitudes, our live performance, lyrics – that kind of stuff is sort of modeled in the same way.

[VAL] We see more and more bands emerging from Ontario. Can you recommend an obscure band we should check out?

[RYAN] MEAN TANGERINE. The singer's really good, these guys could do really well.

[VAL] You've toured with a lot of major bands like the THE AFTERBEAT, MUSTARD PLUG, and now you're supporting HEDLEY. What are your thoughts/reactions to this?

[RYAN] Doing a tour where you play second lto ast is the best thing in the world. You have nothing to worry about exept for partying. Its my favourite for sure, and this HEDLEY tour we're doing already sold out every date, like, two weeks ago. It's gona be awesome.

[VAL] Looking back on how things have turned out in the past few years, are you satisfied with where you're at at the moment? Where do you see this band/what are your hopes for the future?

[RYAN] Well, we just finished school and now we're doing this for a living, which is prety much exactly how we had planned it. The next album is going to be insane though, we have been working on it for almost two years. It's gonna be one of the best albums to come out in years, I'm pretty excited about that.

[VAL] What are your plans for 2008? Will you be doing a few dates on the Warped Tour again?

[RYAN] We might do a decent chunk of Warped Tour this year. I'm actualy meeting with our agent the day were back to talk about it. We will probably do a canadian tour in the summer while we can as well - touring Canada in the winter is the pitts.

[VAL] I heard you guys already have new material for a second album, is that right? When will we be able to hear some of it?

[RYAN] As of now it looks like we are going to go into the studio to begin recording in March. That's really all the information I have ! We have pretty much the entire album recorded already in demo format, but now were gona go and do it for real.

[VAL] Are you planning on working with Stomp again?

[RYAN] The most important thing for us right now is what happens with the album in the States, which is what were trying to figure out. For Canada, it will be badass if we sign with an indy though, and we definitely wanna work with Stomp if we can make it happen – Matt's a really good friend, and he has done lot for us over the years to get us where we are.

[VAL] I guess we can say that the band is in an in-between period, in the sense that you've released a record in 06 and have been supporting it for a while, and now everyone is waiting for some new stuff. How does change the dynamic of the band on a daily basis? Do you feel there is any pressure, especially since we're talking about your second full length release?

[RYAN] There's no way people's expectations will be able to surpass how good the album is gona be – I've never been more confident in anything as I am in how great these songs are. To put it into perspective, the last album was written in a couple months and recorded in about a week. This ones been written in almost two years and its gona have a big budget for recording. You know ?

Merci à Ryan d'avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos questions, et à Alex chez Stomp d'avoir coordonné le tout!

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