Comeback Kid (06 octobre 2008)

Entrevue de Dave avec Jeremy

Peu de groupes canadiens ont su, au cours des années, se developer des fans aussi attachés que COMEBACK KID. Après trois albums tous plus solides les uns que les autres, le groupe hardcore de l’ouest du Canada s’apprête à venir à Montréal avec BANE et plusieurs autres gros noms du genre. Voici une entrevue avec Jeremy, le guitariste, sur l’état actuel du groupe.

[DAVE]: The last time we spoke, Wake The Dead had been out for a couple of months. It seems that the progress of the band has been stellar ever since. To what do you think you owe this success in your mind?

I think the thing that has helped us remain relevant is the fact that we try to stay out on the road a lot. It’s very easy to sit at home and watch the days go by but when we're out on the road we're connecting with people in ways that we normally could not so I think that that helps a lot maintaining that relationship with our crowd

[DAVE]: Broadcasting was realized with a new signer. How did that change the writing/production of the album?

Some things changed some things didn't. The main thing that didn't was that all three COMEBACK KID records were all written by the same three people. Kyle, Andrew and myself have always been the primary writers and arrangers of our music so not too much changed there as we only got better at working with each other. I guess the main concern was to see if we would still be respected after we changed vocalist and with Andrew coming from inside the band already it was received very well.

[DAVE]: You have had a few lineup changes in the past. What is the most difficult thing to deal with when you lose a band member?

The most difficult thing is trying to find someone on the same page as us that lives around the same area. This has been a problem for us as we now have 2 guys from the US playing with us. It makes it a little more difficult to feel like a tight unit when we're so spread out all over the place but that is the reality that we live in and I think we've been able to deal with it quite alright.

[DAVE]: You have been to quite a few countries recently. Can you tell us where you went and how it went?

Well this year has seen us go to some new places that we'd never been able to visit before but also go back to some of the places we've always had a great time playing. Earlier this year we were very lucky to go to Japan with our hometown heroes, PROPAGANDHI, and then go on to South East Asia on our own and play in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. This past summer we went back to Europe for our eighth tour and do a five week tour out there and play a few new countries like Ireland and Greece as well as play many of the countries that have given us great shows many times before

[DAVE]: How do you manage to deal with the recognition you get now?

Fortunately we'll never be at a level where we'll be scared to leave of houses for fear of being mobbed but every once in a while random people will come up to us at the airport or whatever asking for a picture or whatever. I guess it’s all part of the game. I just think to myself: if only you actually knew us.

[DAVE]: You will be in Montreal in a few weeks in what seems an all-star tour. How did it all come about?

We fell so very lucky to be able to have put a stellar lineup like this together. Somehow all of the bands that we wanted on this tour were able to do it and it’s hard to believe that it actually came together as it has

[DAVE]: What gets you going every night and give all you have on stage?

Just knowing that the people in the room have been listening to us for some time and want what they've paid for. A COMEBACK KID show is simple. We don't have some crazy production or light show for our set. It’s just all high energy on our part and it really helps when we can feed off of the crowd

[DAVE]: What's your take on the music industry, especially in the hardcore world? Do you find the business is taking too much place?

I think that is always going to be a factor when something becomes somewhat successful. Whenever a certain genre of music gets popular the music industry jumps all over and commercializes the hell out of it and ruins it for the people that really held what they had as their own. It’s just important for us to just do what we love regardless of who's on the cover of Revolver or AP. Sometimes it’s to our benefit, other times its not

[DAVE]: What are the bands you are currently listening to on the road?

Everybody is all over the place with what they listen to but one band that has really stood out for me is this band called DEVIL IN ME from Portugal. They have an amazing sound that is a cross between the Fat punk bands of the ninety's and the harder hardcore sounds of MADBALL and SICK OF IT ALL. A lot of bands have tried this and sound silly but this band pulls it off amazingly

[DAVE]: Have you started to work on new material?

We've been we involved with getting the DVD/Live CD off the ground that we haven't put a lot of focus on writing a new record yet but I hope we can get our heads together shortly

[DAVE]: Your website includes a journal. Is it important for you to stay connected with fans?

We don't stay on top of it as much as we should but I think for a a lot of fans it’s important to here where the band is and what they are up to

[DAVE]: What's your take on digital downloads? Are you jumping on the vinyl trend?

I'm on the fence with the whole downloading thing. A lot of time and money goes into recording music so it’s nice when you can pay off those debts, not to mention get something for your work but that's not always the case these days. On the flip side I'd like to think that maybe some people have downloaded it to check it out that otherwise may not have. As far as vinyl goes all three of our albums are or were available on vinyl.

On remercie Jeremy de COMEBACK KID d'avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos questions.

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