Comeback Kid (24 janvier 2005)

Nous avons eu la chance d'interviewer Comeback Kid récemment même s'ils sont en tournée au Japon. Le groupe sera à Montréal début Mars au El Salon.

Its only been a short time since things started rolling at full force with CBK, and the kind of attention that you're receiving is quite impressive. What do you feel is getting old already?

All I can say is that the last couple years as been amazing for us. We didnt expect to be able to play to the audiences that we have, touring with some of our favorite bands, and going to amazing parts of the world because of this band. Right now we are in Japan and that is crazy enough. Its been a lot of touring and trying to get out there as much as possible. To be honest, this hasnt gotten old yet. Sure there are times when you get homesick and band disagreements, but we are still enjoying this fully!

Both of your last recordings were done @ The Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. Can you tell us a bit about your experience with those guys?

Actually only our new record " Wake The Dead " coming out in febuary was recorded at the Blasting Room. Those guys are geniuses. It was awesome working with them. We are fans of Bills bands ( Descendents, All, Black Flag) and all the records that Bill and Jason have done are amazing in my opinion. It was great spending all our time there. There is an apartment type area set up for the bands to sleep in, so we were there 24/7. We could put all of our energy into the record for the whole time we were there without distractions. They always had really good ideas and we came out of the studio a better band and better musicians I think.

Did Jacob Bannon do the artwork for your latest?

No he didnt. The art for the new record was handled by Jeremy Wabiszczewicz. Check out some of his shit at

In my books (and I might be wrong) but there is a huge difference between Smallman and Victory; what made you choose Victory over other labels in the States?

We had some offers from a few other really great labels but we just felt that Victory was the one label that would push us the hardest. Its great that they have a full staff and we can always get ahold of someone there when we need something. Also there were some people at Victory who had supported CBK even before they were talking about working with us, so we felt comfortable going into it.

Although some parallels can be made between CBK and other bands music/influences, your sound remains very unique and refreshing. What bands do you consider are an influence on your music?

There are so many bands that we take influence from. Some of the main ones I would say are Lifetime, Madball, Chain of Strength, Propagandhi, etc. Both aggressive and melodic influences.

You guys have a link to QCHC on your site ?Ehow close are you the Québec hardcore scene? Any band friends out here?

We have a few friends out there, and we know the guy that runs that site. Check out Final Word from Montreal. Amazing hardcore!

Being from a city like Winnipeg, you guys must definitely know how important promoting and maintaining a strong local scene is. You share band members with Figure Four; Figure Four brought Hollow Ground with them for some dates on the west coast some time last year I believe. Things like that show that you're definitely trying to do your part when it comes down to helping out your friends; So taking this the other way around, who has been a positive influence/help on CBK (bands, individuals, record labels, promoters, etc.) and who would you consider close friends of the band?

There are so many people that have helped us out since we started playing. To name a few, Jason @ Facedown Records, our booking agent Matt Pike @ The Kenmore Agency, Bane, Terror, Throwdown, Champion, etc. We were lucky enought to go on tour with some great bands when we first started touring hard. We have made some amazing friends through this band, I couldnt even start to name drop on here because it would take too long, and I would feel bad for forgetting people. Hollow Ground kicks my ass!

Do you ever fear that sharing your guitarists with another band may become a problem?

Actually I sing in Figure Four and play guitar in Comeback Kid, but it hasnt been much of an issue for awhile. CBK is alot more active than FF these days, so they havent really gotten in the way of eachother.

What is your take on hardcore sort of being the trend of the moment? Are there positive aspects to this situation?

Trends come and go. Heavy music is kinda popular right now. I think that its great that alot of bands can go on tour and actually have a decent amount of kids come out to shows and support. Most of the kids will come and go within a couple years. There will always be that I think. Im all for hardcore spreading to the masses, but I dont think the mainstream will ever take it away.

I've heard that you guys don't have day jobs or anything like that - do you honestly make it living off of the band?

Yes. We are not making any big bucks at all. We get by because we tour so much. When we quit touring, time to get another job.

What is the best and worst thing about living in Winnipeg?

Best thing- Amazing friends, cheap living. Worst Thing -The freezing cold in winter, Shitty attitudes.

You guys have had the privilege to play with tons of other great bands, including a spot on Hellfest 2004. What has been your favorite gig/tour and why?

Favorite show would have to be in Pomona, California, March 2004 at the Glasshouse. A sold out insane show.

What is your take on the Canadian music scene today?

I think it has its ups and downs. There are some really great bands coming out of Canada right now, but not enought of them actually getting out there and playing shows. They need to get off their asses and tour!

Word is you're heading overseas to Japan and Australia later on this year. How did that come about?

We just finished an Australian tour and we are in Japan right now. Basically we wanted to hit up some places that we havent been to and promote our first record " Turn It Around" before our new record comes out next month. We had some promoters who wanted to bring us out and its been an awesome time so far! Turn It Around also was released in by a Japanese label as well so that helped out here.

Any funny tour stories?

The other day Kyle went to the bathroom in this Japanese restaraunt and the toilet seat had a warmer on it. He noticed some buttons on his right hand side and decided to press them. First some water shot up his ass, then a fan started drying it, and then he told us about it. Scott wanted to try and screamed so high and loud the whole restaraunt could hear. Its late at night, gimme a break!

What quote first comes to your mind?

" No one will ever love you as much as I love you." - Garden State. Awesome movie.

If you had to put out a benefit show, what bands would you invite to play and what cause would the profits go to?

We are actually doing a benefit show for our cd release this Febuary. Bands we are going to have are Comeback Kid, Modern Life Is War, Martyr AD, and Every New Day. It is a benefit for MS.

What else is in the works for the upcoming year? Any last words, comment?

"Wake The Dead" drops Febuary 22 on Victory Records ( worldwide ) and Smallman Records ( Canada). check it out. We will be touring with Bane and With Honor in March and April. We will probably be on the road most of 2005 so if you get a chance, come hang out!

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