Randy (24 janvier 2006)

Nous avons eu la chance de nous entretenir brièvement avec le groupe RANDY qui lançait tout récemment un tout nouvel album sur Fat Wreck Chords, Randy, The Band.

[DAVE]From what I’ve read, you guys have received mainstream recognition in Sweden (Golden Microphone nomination, radio airplay, etc). That doesn’t happen to many Fat Wreck Chords bands. Why do you think that things are different for you guys?

I don’t know really. The cynical answer would be: 1. We been a band for 15 years and never really made it, but a lot of people likes us…so this maybe was some kind of “medal” for long duty. 2. We had a manager for this period and maybe he had something to do with it. 3. We get influenced by music that people in juries likes to like and likes to mention that they like. Sweden is a trendy country, you know… The other, more positive, answer would be that we are better than all other bands.

[DAVE]Your new release, Randy The Band, just came out on Fat Wreck. The new album is a lot less aggressive than its predecessors. Why is that?

I don’t think that’s true. Maybe the sound on the record is a bit fatter and cleaner than the earlier records. There are a lot more vocal harmonies on this one, but we did that on our very first record and others, so it’s nothing new…but maybe it’s contributes to what you seem as less aggressive. I agree that we tried to use more melodies than on previous records, but melodies aren’t necessarily less aggressive either, so I don’t know…

[DAVE]Where was it recorded and what would you say were the main events that helped shape the writing of that album?

We recorded music with Michael Ilbert in a studio in Stockholm. We did all vocals in our rehersalroom by ourselves on a pro tools system that we bought. Pelle Gunnerfeldt who recorded all our previous albums mixed it. I think the main thing that shaped the album is that we produced it by ourselves and even more important the amount of time and hard work we put into it. I don’t believe in inspiration.

[DAVE]What would be your favorite quote from that album?

I like the word “Molotov rocktail” in Red Banner rockers.

[DAVE]Communication vs entertainment? What would describe Randy the best?


[DAVE]What’s coming up for Randy over 2006? Any plans to tour in Canada?

Our bassplayer just had a baby so we start the year with 2 months off. In March we gonna start touring again. Scandinavia, Europe, USA and actually there is a plan for a Canadian tour, but it is still in the planning stage. But we look forward to rock your country into molecules soon again.

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