Cancer Bats (20 avril 2009)

Entrevue de Melissa Hetu avec Liam Cormier

Le groupe torontois CANCER BATS était de passage à Montréal la semaine dernière lors du Taste Of Chaos qui avait lieu au Métropolis. Depuis la sortie de leur deuxième opus intitulé Hail Destroyer l’an dernier, le groupe a passé la majeure partie de son temps sur la route. Ils étaient d’ailleurs au prestigieux festival SXSW le mois dernier ainsi qu’aux Junos. On s’est entretenu avec Liam Cormier, le chanteur de la formation et voici ce qu’il avait à nous raconter…

[MELISSA]: How are you guys holding up on the road? Still enjoying touring as much?

: Things are going good! We're finishing up the tour with some Canadian dates and the shows have been amazing so we're all pumped.

[MELISSA]: I was reading on the band’s twitter that you’ve recently bought a butterfly knife and planned on becoming a master…how’s that working out? Any other interesting things you’ve bought on the road recently to keep yourselves entertained during the long drives?

: I have been getting pretty good with my butterfly knife ! Although I need to keep myself in check and not play with it in public. I forget that its against the law, so when I'm flipping it around Tim Hortons I'm sure I look pretty sketchy.

[MELISSA]: How has the Taste Of Chaos been so far?

: The tour has been wicked so far. All of the bands are rad and everyone has been having the best time hanging out for the past few months. Good vibes all around.

[MELISSA]: Do you guys prefer bigger organized tours like the Taste Of Chaos, or smaller tours with some of your friends’ bands? Are there any perks that come with being on these big organized tours?

: There's ups and downs of both. This tour has been rad with huge shows and playing nice venues. The downside is that its been a lot of huge drives every night so lots of sleeping in the van. Smaller tours are tons of fun because it’s more laid back and as you said we always do it with bro bands and its just the hugest hang outs every day.

[MELISSA]: You guys were at the Junos this past weekend…how was that experience? Were you guys able to meet some cool people? Do you like those types of events? You guys were nominated for New Group Of The Year, do you think a nomination at the Junos can help a band like the CANCER BATS?

: The Junos were a total trip! It was rad being there. Best part of my weekend was being back stage with Dallas Green and he and I were about to give away some awards at this Juno dinner. We're hanging out and who comes along but the BARENAKED LADIES! They walk up to us and the keyboard player asks if I'm in the CANCER BATS and proceeds to tell me that they like my band and think we have cool videos. Best celeb encounter ever!

[MELISSA]: I know you were also at SXSW recently…how was that? Total madness?

: SXSW is the best thing ever! Its fun to play but its even more fun to just get to run around and watch the millions of amazing bands playing all day every day. On top of all that Austin just rules as a city so its a great combo!

[MELISSA]: I’ve been reading that you guys have been to a bunch of places on your latest tour in the US you’ve never been to before…how has the reaction been? Did you guys enjoy seeing the kid’s reaction to you guys playing in front of them for the first time? Do you like the challenge of trying to get new fans?

: It's always rad playing to a room that really has no idea what they're in for and then to talk to kids after the show and they're all stoked out. That's one of the big reasons why we wanted to do this tour was to play in front of as many new people as we could and try to spread the word in the US.

[MELISSA]: You will be playing the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan with MASTODON…stoked to be going to Japan and playing with that band? There are so many bands I know that are dying to tour or play with them…Are you guys fans of what they do? Have you heard their new record yet?

: I'm sooooo excited to be playing this festival. When we started this band I had no idea that it would take us to some of the places we have been, let alone Japan. I've always wanted to travel there so this is going to be really exciting for me. On top of all that I LOVE MASTODON, their new record is the best thing ever and we're playing the same stage as them, which means I'll get to watch them twice. Soooooo stoked on that!

[MELISSA]: You lent your vocals on one of SILVERSTEIN’s new tracks and you guys also have some guests on your own record…do you guys enjoy doing these kinds of collaborations? Do you feel it’s important for bands to help each other out?

: I think its less helping each other out and more that you're stoked on having friends be a part of your record. You're excited about the songs and this is a way to involve your closest homies into that project. I like it too because it sounds rad when a band changes up the vibe like that in a song.

[MELISSA]: I know you guys will be going to Europe again next month…what are your plans for the summer? Have you started working on new songs already?

: Our summer is going to be dedicated to writing a new record and hopefully recording it in the fall. At this point we are just getting started and have a few songs written, but everyone has a lot of ideas we're just waiting to get into the practice space to start working on.

[MELISSA]: Thank you so much for your time!

: Thank you for doing the interview with me!

PunkMeUp aimerait remercier Liam Cormier des CANCER BATS d’avoir répondu à nos questions ainsi qu’à Jen Cymek de Listen Harder pour avoir organisé cette entrevue.

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