Cancer Bats (04 février 2008)

Entrevue de Melissa Hetu avec Liam

Le groupe Torontois CANCER BATS sera de passage à Montréal le 6 février prochain pour y jouer aux Foufounes Électriques. Le groupe vient tout juste de terminer l’enregistrement de leur deuxième album intitulé Hail Drestroyer qui vera le jour en avril. PunkMeUp a eu la chance de poser quelques questions au chanteur de la formation Liam Cormier pour en apprendre d’avantage.

[MELISSA] : 2007 was definitely a crazy year for the CANCER BATS. What’s your best memory of 2007? Is there something in particular that sticks out?

[LIAM] :
We were able to do some amazing things last year for sure! One of my best memories from 07 was getting to play with AGAINST ME! in Toronto. They've been one of my favorite bands for a long time, so getting a chance to play a sold out show with them, and to hang out and just have the best time, is something I'm not going to forget for as long as I live.

[MELISSA] : You guys have toured tremendously for Birthing The Giant. How has your live show evolved since you first started touring with the album?

[LIAM] :
I feel like our live show has come a long way since we first started touring the album. The main reason for that is playing with so many amazing bands, that are so on their game every night. It's put a real positive pressure on us to play better and to kill it just as hard as the other bands we're on tour with every night.

[MELISSA] : Has playing live helped you guys become better musicians?

[LIAM] :
For sure. When you get to play music every single day you can't help but get tighter.

[MELISSA] : I know you will be releasing your new record in April…Since you guys had a lot of success with your previous release, are you finding there’s some pressure to top it off? Do you find that there’s a lot more expectations this time around?

[LIAM] :
We were all really excited to start writing this record. We all had ideas we had been working on while we were on tour, so we couldn't wait to have time off to start working on it. As far as pressure goes, we never really felt too much. Everyone at Distort are incredibly supportive and aren't looking for radio singles or hits or anything like that, so the only expectations we had placed on the record were from ourselves just trying to out do the last album. And in the end we are all so proud of how the record has turned out so we are beyond stoked.

[MELISSA] : Where did you draw inspiration for this record? What influenced you? Did any media (other than music) like books, movies, plays etc. influence the writing of this album? Or do you draw influences more from every day life and experiences?

[LIAM] :
One of the things that really inspired myself personally was a lot of writing I had been reading around the time of the record. There were a lot of contemporary authors of short fiction like Jacob Blood from Australia who's been blowing my mind and poets like Matt Matheson from Toronto who really make me want to step up my writing game for lyrics. As well, I'm always inspired by street art. There's a writer in Toronto named Walter who's been doing some amazing pieces around the city that make me want to crush it just as hard in life with my band.

[MELISSA] : Would you say you guys are perfectionists? Do you spend a lot of time nit-picking when working on new material?

[LIAM] :
I feel like the studio is the worst place for that. Nothing will ever be perfect. You can always do something better or have it sound different. The hardest thing is knowing something is good enough and when to walk away.

[MELISSA] : What makes up a good song for the CANCER BATS? What makes you say like we’re going to keep this one rather than another?

[LIAM] :
I would ride my bike to and from practice every day. I really knew a song was a keeper when I could ride all the way home and have the riff or vocal hook stuck in my head for the entire half hour ride. When I would get off my bike and still be humming the riff for Lucifers Rocking Chair, I knew it was an all out banger.

[MELISSA] : What would you say is the biggest difference between Birthing The Giant and your upcoming record Hail Destroyer?

[LIAM] :
I wouldn't say there are huge differences, but more that this new album is a heavier dirtier progression from the last album. My vocals have gotten gnarlier, Scott’s guitars shred way harder, Mike's drums sound huge and we finally have a bass tone! I think it still sounds like CANCER BATS but this is more like our live sound and has that energy we wanted.

[MELISSA] : What are your goals with this upcoming record? Where would you like to see it go?

[LIAM] :
I don't know if we have any set goals for this record. I just really hope that people get psyched on the songs as much as we are. Cuz I think this mother rips!

[MELISSA] : You guys seem to be friends with a lot of other bands from Toronto and across Canada…how important is it for bands to support each other? Help each other out?

[LIAM] :
We're pretty friendly dudes and have met some amazing people in the last years of touring, which I think is amazing and one of my favorite parts about touring. I think the support system that exists within punk rock is so important. I've always found out about bands from seeing that the bands I liked were into and what bands they talked about in interviews and who they toured with. So now I try to bring up as many of my friends as I can that I think deserve the attention....that being said everyone should check out BARN BURNER, BISON, JAWS, DAGGERMOUTH and SIGHTS AND SOUNDS all from Canada BOOYA!

[MELISSA] : You guys definitely seem to be a hard working band…touring constantly, doing interviews, etc. How important is the hard work ethic? And not being lazy? At the end of the day, is that ultimately the best way to build a solid fan base?

[LIAM] :
We've always been into working hard with this band because it's what we all really want to do with our lives. I just heard this phrase the other day: Love your job and you'll never work a day in your life.

[MELISSA] : Even though you guys are constantly working, are you still having as much fun being a band and doing what you do?

[LIAM] :
I love what we do and I think that's what motivates me to keep doing this. I get to tour the world with my best friends and have the best times ever. I basically get to head bang instead of working a real life rules!

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