Cancer Bats (02 février 2006)

Voici un entretien avec Liam du groupe torontois CANCER BATS. Ils seront en prestation à l’Inco vendredi le 3 février en compagnie de THE KILL DECIBEL et VIMY RIDGE. Suivez ce lien pour entendre quelqees chansons du groupe.
- Cath

[CATH] Hey there – who do we have the pleasure to be speaking to?

[LIAM] Hey What’s up! My name’s Liam and I sing for the BATS.

[CATH] Your band’s style doesn’t exactly fit directly into any genre – your take on hardcore music has a unique twist to it. This allows you to play alongside a broad range of bands like ALEXISONFIRE, CURSED, BANE and so many others. In what ways do you relate to those bands?

[LIAM] I think we relate to all those bands because while we may have a lot of different influences going on, like punk and rock and southern stoner metal in the end we’re a hardcore band, and I think that comes through in our all of our songs.

[CATH] Where does the name come from?

[LIAM] Ok, so all four of us are born in late June early July and we all met playing on the same soft ball team…

[CATH] I hear you’re from Montreal. What brought you to TO?

[LIAM] I was living in Montreal when we started the band and I would take the train back and forth every weekend for practice. Then it just got to a point where it made more sense for me to move to the T-Dot and just focus on the band. Even though I love cheap rent and poutine.

[CATH] Were any of you involved in other bands before forming CANCER BATS? Is anyone in the band involved in music in any way outside of the band at the moment?

[LIAM] We’ve all played in bands before we came together with the CANCER BATS. Scott our guitar player used to be in a black metal band called AT THE MERCY OF INSPIRATION. Our drummer Mike played in a bunch of great Winnipeg bands like THE PEG CITY MOSH CREW, ROGUE NATION and PORT AMORAL . Outside of CANCER BATS, Andrew our bass player rips it up in this great old school HC band called URBAN BLIGHT …they hate condos and work…totally rules.

[CATH] Can you tell me about what the punk/HC/indie scene is like in Toronto right now?

[LIAM] We could devote this whole article on how many rad bands are coming out of Toronto right now. I’m really stoked on what’s happening in the city for every genre. You can go see bands like FEVER OUT and CURSED one night and then see CONSTANTINES and DEADLY SNAKES the next and finish off your weekend at a FUCKED UP / CAREER SUICIDE show. It’s fucking awesome. There are a bajillion radically awesome bands killing it right now in Toronto and the surrounding areas…so rad! The cool thing is that we seem to have really good shows on all levels. Big shows at bars, good all ages jams, and awesome house shows. It makes for some fun times. T-Dot be killing it right now.

[CATH] Just this year, you played in Montreal earlier on in January, you’re here again in February and I see a March date has been added for you guys. Is 2006 the year of the attack of the CANCER BATS or what?!

[LIAM] Yeah we love playing in the 514!!! MTL has some great shows and great dudes we just can’t say no. 2K6 is shaping up to be a pretty serious year. We’re hoping to play as much as possible this year. Spread the love and party with everyone who wants to get down.

[CATH] What are the best and worst venues/places you’ve played at, both in this city and elsewhere?

[LIAM] There are no bad venues to play anywhere… any place that’ll let us get down is awesome in my books. In Montreal we’ve played in apartments and big venues and everything in between and it’s all ruled. I have a lot of fun at both house shows and clubs, I think the venue it self doesn’t matter it’s more who shows up. We played a tiny bar in Ottawa with CURSED and when we rolled up the place literally smelled like barf and we thought it was going to suck. But then it was one of the best shows we’ve played because the place filled up with awesome kids that had a super fun time.

[CATH] Is there some place in particular where you’d really like to play a show but haven’t yet got to?

[LIAM] I would really like to play more in America Land. We haven’t done much touring there at all other than the east coast. Truth be told I want to play every where. If we found out tomorrow we were heading out to tour for the next year straight I’d be stoked…this is all I want to do with my life.

[CATH] Your record is set for release in March. What should we expect?

[LIAM] We’re not even recording until the middle of march so I think the record should be out around June? I’m telling people spring to be as none specific as possible.

[CATH] Apparently it was originally going to come out last fall. What has caused the date to be pushed back?

[LIAM] The whole thing was pushed back because we ended up getting a new drummer over the summer. So we had to push everything back to teach him all the songs and then get back on track with writing. Then writing with him went so well that we kept cranking out the jams and had more and more new songs we were really stoked on. So by that point fall had come up and Jesus’s birthday was just around the corner, and that JC’s b-day is not a good time to put out records, so I was pushed back to spring! It all worked out in the end because we have way more rad songs we’re stoked on, we have a really rad dude to produce the whole thing and I think it’s gonna be a pretty gnarly record. So yeah SPRING BABY! SPRING!

[CATH] What is it that you’re trying to accomplish with your music? As a band, is there something you’re aiming to achieve, beyond the idea of simply playing music and entertaining people?

[LIAM] We’ve never had set goals for ourselves other than being in a serious band that would tour a lot. We wanted to make songs that would get us all stoked and we wanted to kill it live every chance we get. But we don’t think about the BATS as our way to make money or “move units” or anything like that. We just want to wreck our lives and put off getting real jobs for a while.

[CATH] Can you tell us about something that’s really important to you outside of this band?

[LIAM] Shirley Temples. BMX bikes. Romantic Comedies.

[CATH] Tell us something no one knows about CANCER BATS

[LIAM] Not many people know this but Mike and I both plan to own Zebras in the near future. Mike has chosen the name Kyle for his Zebra, while I am hoping to adopt a female and name her either Princess Face or Rebecca and then call her ‘Becky’ for short. True Story.

Merci à Liam d’avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos questions, et à Jen de Listen Harder sans qui cet entretien n’aurait pas été possible.

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