Since By Man (11 février 2006)

Voici un entretien avec Brad Clifford, un des guitaristes de SINCE BY MAN. Si vous n'êtes pas encore familier avec ce groupe de Milwaukee, je vous conseille fortement de mettre la main à la pâte. Vous pouvez commencer ici. SBM produisent, selon mon humble opinion, les orchestrations cacophoniques les plus captivantes de toutes. Brad détient probablement le statut de porte parole pour le groupe, et on comprend rapidement pourquoi en lisant ses reconstitutions des péripéties du groupe en tournée. SBM seront à Montréal le 23 mars prochain au El Salon avec THE BLED et PROTEST THE HERO.
- Cath

[CATH] Hey there. Can you please introduce yourself?

[BRAD] Hey, I'm Brad, and I play guitar for SINCE BY MAN.

[CATH] Can you take us through a brief history of the band?

[BRAD] It started back in 1999, went through a lot of bass players, one guitar player, and a shitload of stuff that got broken.

[CATH] Is there an anecdote of some kind behind your band name?

[BRAD] Our friend Jim said “dude... “since by man came death” would be a cool name for a band.” The came death part was too long and too hesh, so it got shortened to SINCE BY MAN. It's from a piece of Handel's Messiah.

[CATH] Do you officially spell SINCE BY MAN with spaces between each word or not? Does it matter at all?

[BRAD] It goes back and forth, but we don't really care too much. It can be Sin Ce B Y? M an if you really really want it to be. But we'll make fun of you.

[CATH] Are any of you involved with music in one way or another outside of SBM?

[BRAD] I do some random computery things, chill things, and write metal stuff outside of the band, but nothing serious at all. Our other guitarist Kevin sings for a band called GET RAD and they're hot shit.

[CATH] What initially sparked your interest in music? What is the first record you put your hands on that had a profound impact on you?

[BRAD] When I was like twelve I got really into METALLICA and GUNS N ROSES and I wanted to shred like Kirk or Slash or something, so I started playing guitar. I think the first cd that I got seriously amped on was METALLICA ... And Justice For All and it still rules to this day.

[CATH] How did you get picked-up by Rev?

[BRAD] SBM had done a lot of DIY tours, and a girl who used to work for Rev came out to shows in CA and became one of our good friends, and she put in the word for us at Rev, the rest is history and multi-platinum records and hot tubs.

[CATH] You've had a few lineup changes in the past couple years. Do you feel that this is THE lineup for SBM?

[BRAD] I can nearly garuntee that this will be the last lineup of SBM. It's been solid since I joined a little over two years ago, and I think we work really well together. Without any of us in the band, it wouldn't really be worth it.

[CATH] Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse is even more chaotic and brutal than We Sing The Body Electric. Is that an aspect of the band that's was consciously pushed further with the arrival of you and Eric?

[BRAD] I'm not sure it was a conscious push as much as just working with what everyone in the band brings to the table. We definitely want to still be fast and heavy, we're not really going to sell out and write pop songs or anything, so this is just how it came out in this time period for us.

[CATH] Your latest album is an ambitious project as a whole. Do you consider it a concept album? What inspired you to explore a theme such as the one we have throughout Pictures?

[BRAD] I don't really consider it a concept album per se, but it does have sort of a unifying theme that all of the songs can fit into. The songs stand alone and don't have to be paired with any others at all, but they do compliment each other here and there.

[CATH] How did your decision to work with Dave Gardner come about?

[BRAD] We were slated to work with Matt Bayles, but he had to do a MINUS THE BEAR tour, so we went back to the drawing board. Our friend Erik knows Dave and brought him up to us. We got in contact, he sent us stuff he'd done, he came and hung out when we played Minneapolis, and we decided that we'd be really stoked to work together. I think he did a great job making a record that was sonically what we wanted, and doesn't sound like every other band out there.

[CATH] Can you tell us a bit about the collection of pix that we can find in Pictures, the concept behind it all as well as your relationship with Mark Dawursk?

[BRAD] Mark is our main dog. He's one of our best friends, and his wife is our booking agent, so it's all in the family. We came up with the concept and the content of the photos as a band, and Mark helped us make it happen. As a whole, the record is about the end of the world, and each photo represents an idea of what might go down with those who were lucky/unlucky enough to survive it at that point. About a photographer documenting everything he sees going down, to record history. The thoughts, social issues, emotions, etc. Really they're not much different from what goes down in life today.

[CATH] Can you talk a bit about the statement “I am the lens. I am the liar.” that's printed on the last page of the jacket? What did you try to get across?

[BRAD] It's a reminder to always question whatever you're presented. Just because we're showing you this depiction of what's going on, doesn't mean that they're the truth or should be taken literally. In this layout, as in all forms of media, you only see what you're meant to see. Everything is shown through a filter, and there's always more below the surface.

[CATH] What's up with closing your records with a song title in a foreign language?

[BRAD] I saved latin. What did you ever do? It comes up twice on the record... Quid Pro Quo Motherfucker and Photographer Ex Post Facto. Sam came up with the titles, but personally, I like latin. It's a “dead langugage” that is entirely responsable for how we speak every single day. Down with the original, up with the evolution of it.

[CATH] You guys take the visual aspect of anything related to the band pretty seriously - from your website to your merch to your album artwork etc - on top of dealing and creating all of this yourselves. Were/are any of you in art school? Does someone have the upper hand on that stuff or is it always a band decision? Do you literally do it all yourselves or do you get help from certain people, and if so are there specific artists you enjoy working with?

[BRAD] I definitely love the full idea of a band. It's not just the music, it's the visual, its the emotional. Our old guitarist Justin went to school for Design, but he's the only one with formal “art” training. Sam and I both went to school for film. The only help we've really gotten as far as the visuals is Mark doing the actual photography for new layout, and my friend Chris Hoover coding together my designs for the website. But yeah, we take art pretty seriously. Sam and I design all the merch, and we get really excited when tours are coming up and we get to make like ten new designs for it, and make our printer do crazy shit that he doesn't know if he can do, but pulls off beautifully in the end. We love creation.

[CATH] You're heading out on tour with THE BLED and PROTEST THE HERO shortly. Are there any places that you're heading to that you've never played before?

[BRAD] Umm... I don't think specifially there are any cities we've never been to. Definitely places that we haven't played in a few years and we're excited to get back to. Either way, the tour is going to be awesome and I'm really excited for it.

[CATH] If you had to put out a benefit show these days, what bands would you invite to be a part of the event and what cause would you support?

[BRAD] Old METALLICA, BLACK SABBATH, and THE MARS VOLTA, and KAYNE WEST. The cause would be “Stop Making Terrible Fucking Music, and Sound More Like Us”.

[CATH] What's going on in Milwaukee that we should know about?

[BRAD] Some epic people, sneaking into pools, something to do almost every night. Summer in Milwaukee is seriously amazing. Everyone is stoked, there are festivals literally every weekend (City of Festivals [title of a DECIBULLY CD] for a reason dude), and life is good. Musically speaking, TEMPER TEMPER, RED KNIFE LOTTERY, CALL ME LIGHTNING, GET RAD, WOLFBITE, DECIBULLY... so many good bands that everyone should hear.

[CATH] First CD you bought?

[BRAD] UGLY KID JOE - I forget the name but my dad bought it for me when our family first got a CD player, and it was full of bad words that I wasn't suposed to hear.

[CATH] Last time you woke up not knowing where you were?

[BRAD] Every time I sleep in the van.

[CATH] Something you hate about the music business?

[BRAD] People thinking that having a label makes you a rock star.

[CATH] Your worst fear in life?

[BRAD] A snake that had a shark head eating my balls.

[CATH] Best road trip?

[BRAD] Europeean tour.

[CATH] Something that makes you uncomfortable?

[BRAD] Enemies.

[CATH] Worst rip off?

[BRAD] Cover bands that don't know they're cover bands.

[CATH] Last thing you would put in your mouth?

[BRAD] Shit that Joe Rogan would make me eat for $50,000.

[CATH] When you die, people will remember you for...

[BRAD] Being in bands... oh wait no one will care about that in like five years haha. Hopefully for being a good person and a good friend.

Merci à Brad d'avoir pris le temps de répondre à nos questions, ainsi qu'à Dan Terr chez Revelation Records sans qui cet entretien n'aurait pas été possible.

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