Western Addiction (23 novembre 2005)

Math a pu correspondre avec Chicken de WESTERN ADDICTION à propos du nouveau CD du groupe qui vient de sortir sur Fat Wreck Chords.

[MATH] So you guys just released Cognicide back in November. Can you explain a bit further the title Cognicide? Who came up with it and how do you feel it fits the record?

[CHICKEN] Jason actually made this word up. He makes up a lot of words. It basically means thinking something to death. He actually thinks about things so much that he has to make up new words to describe how he feels. It fits the record because if Jason is guilty of anything, it's Cognicide.

[MATH] If I’m not mistaken, some of you work for Fat Wreck Chords. Was it clear in your mind that the full length HAD to be released with them or was it a simple coincidence?

[CHICKEN] You are not mistaken at all, we all employed by Fat Wreck Chords, but only some of us do work there. It was not clear in our mind that any one would ever be interested in our band besides the four of us, so when Fatty started saying he liked it and he wanted to do a record with us, we said yes super fast before he was able to change his mind,

[MATH] Cognicide definitively has some strong mid-80’s punk-hardcore influence. Who’s your favorite band from that decade?

[CHICKEN] We get that a lot, and it would be hard to narrow it down to just one band. We all are huge fans of BLACK FLAG, MINOR THREAT, BAD BRAINS, SEVEN SECONDS, and a ton of other bands from that era. They were bands that got us into punk to begin with, so it makes sense that we draw form them, and steal from them in some cases.

[MATH] How do you feel the punk scene has evolved or regressed since that time?

[CHICKEN] Some would argue that it has regressed, but I guess the biggest difference is that any punk band that formed in the eighties had no dillusions of fame or fortune. These days a lot of "punk" bands unfortunately start up with the idea that if they play their cards right, they can be rich and famous because a lot of horrible bands have done just that. Weak.

[MATH] You initially released a split wit NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD. Do you feel the work you’ve done on Cognicide is somehow different from that, or did you go on with the same approach

[CHICKEN] Every song we write is basically approached the same way. We write songs that we would want to hear. The Cognicide songs are little more thought out and better played I think, but that just comes with the natural progression being a band.

[MATH] I know you guys like to tease each others a lot, any insult or provocation you used on another member that you’re particularly proud of and would like to share?

[CHICKEN] We spend so much time together between work and practice and playing shows that if we didn't bag on each other all the time things would get boring real fast. The more I like you, the more I bag on you, and Kenny has been one of my best homies for like ten years now so he gets the brunt of my insults. It's sucks for him because since I like him the best, I insult him the most. Wow, I just read that back and decided that I'm a total dick.

[MATH] What’s the most boring thing you have to do when working at the Fat office?

[CHICKEN] Besides listening to Jason ask the most mundane and boring questions during office meeteings, I would have to say that counting t-shirts during invenory is about as fun as biting some one else's toe nails.

[MATH] What’s you r favorite song out of Cognicideand why?

[CHICKEN] That would have to be A Poor Recipe For Civic Cohesion because every time I play it I want to kick every one on earth in thier stupid idot faces. That songs kills me every time.

[MATH] Why did you decided to go with Alex Newport for the recording of Cognicide?

[CHICKEN] We were really adament about not being like a lot of other Fat bands as far recording goes. A lot of the stuff put out by some of the bigger bands on Fat sounds really slick and over produced. That shit bugs us and would sound so stupid on our shitty hardcore songs that we wanted to be sure and maintain the rawness of our sound, We called Alex and told him wasn't too busy making bug sounds with the Louct that we would love to record with him. He has always been good at making bands sound great, but not slick and polished. It worked out great.

[MATH] Speaking of Newport, he’ll be recording the first that our local heroes THE SAINTE-CATHERINES are going to put out on Fat since they signed to the label about two months ago. Have you had a chance to hear them yet?

[CHICKEN] Yes, those guys fucking slay!! I can't wait to see them live, I would love to play some shows with those dudes. We have talked with a couple of those guys and they are really nice dudes. I'm stoked they are on Fat.

[MATH] Where does the name of your name of your bassist/vocalist Chicken come from?

[CHICKEN] I got the name Chicken when I was like eleven or twelve. My real name is Tyson and there is a big frozen food company here in the U.S. that is famous for it's frozen chicken. So when I was younger, all the older kids started calling me Tyson Chicken. Unfortunately it stuck. You don't get to pick your nick name, that's for sure.

[MATH] I’ve read from A to Z the studio journal you were regularly updating on your website and got to say I pretty much enjoyed it ( especially the Laguna Beach part, good times). Was the recording process that painful and boring?

[CHICKEN] Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I actually love recording, but it gets boring for me 'cuz I'm so good I do everything in one or two takes where as these other assholes take years to finish one song. It's annoying as hell.

[MATH] What is the history behind the name WESTERN ADDICTION?

[CHICKEN] Chad came up with that clever little moniker. There is a part of town here in San Francisco that is called Western Addition, so it's just a play on words. Cool huh?

[MATH] What’s the worst show you’ve ever played?

[CHICKEN] We haven't played any horrible shows, we always have a good time whether there are five kids or a few hundred.

[MATH] In conclusion, any upcoming event, project you’re involved into or life lesson you’d like to educate our readers about?

[CHICKEN] We will be touring the west coast of the United States with PROPAGANDHI in late November, and the east coast of the same United States in Late January/early February with NMDS and DEAD TO ME. I recently heard some great words of wisdom from our friend Bone in the REAL McKENZIES who said, " Don't tell me I'm the only one that's had a jag on the bidet!?" That's deep.......

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