Propagandhi (04 février 2009)

Entrevue de Dave avec Todd

La formation PROPAGANDHI est vraiment unique. Originaire de l’Ouest canadien, le groupe rejette toute l’industrie musicale et le côté mercantile de la musique et continue à attirer d’importantes foules partout où il va. Voici un entretien avec Todd sur le nouvel album du groupe qui sera lancé d’ici quelques semaines et lisez bien la fin car il nous annonce une tournée du groupe au mois de mai…

[DAVE] Your new album, Supporting Caste, will come out on March 10th on Smallman Records. Why did you choose to release the album with that label?

Smallman is from winnipeg and we thought this would be the best idea because they are excited about it and will do a good job. We've known them for a long time. It was time to try something new to get everybody's juices fired up and ready!!!!

[DAVE] That brings up the topic of the death of your own label, G7. You've expressed your views before on the state of the music industry. Did that have anything to do with the ending of G7?

Certainly, the fact that people stop buying records will contribute to the decline of a record label, as will bands not touring as much as they should. The people from the label also have other interests that come into play. Mostly it was dissolved when good old Derek The Hog Hogue moved to Nova Scotia, leaving Chris alone in a room with the dust of his own smells.

[DAVE] Where does the name of the new album come from?

My interpretation of the Supporting Caste is everyone who truly builds the world and keeps it together but never get any glory because they weren't war mongers, or from a lineage of criminals and kleptocrats. The caste of unseen people we will never know or hear about.

[DAVE] PROPAGANDHI went on a new road with Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes. You stayed on the same road for Potemkin City Limits. Did you take a new direction for this album?

I'm not sure. I think a lot of people thought Potemkin was a lot different from Today’s Empires. We don't really think about doing anything different but we certainly try to improve, branch out, bring new things and try not to copy our other records. I try to not let what came before dictate where I'm headed but I'm me and stuck with myself so there is bound to be some similarities. Everything is just a document of us at a certain time in our musical journey.

[DAVE] What are the main topics in the lyrics?

The main theme of the record seems to be trying to figure out what makes this war state, uncaring world tick. The mentality that leads people to hate everyone and call people who care about things bleeding hearts while they sit and cry about their own piddly lives day after day. We literally CANNOT understand how people live their lives not caring about other people. What makes it possible for people to be so self-absorbed? And a little more specifically, there is a song about the three-year wait in Canada that many refugees have as they wait for their families who are left far away in war zones or under persecution. There is a song about humanely killing and eating meat eaters. Haha... there is a song about Atheism (my favorite topic) and a bunch of morbid ( but good!) songs about death and being lost in the world.

[DAVE] Did you record it with Bill Stevenson this time again?

Yes, we recorded at Illegal Combatant Studios as well as Blasting Room with Bill and Jason Livermore. They work very, very hard let me tell you that. They have a lot of pride in what they do. That is pretty cool.

[DAVE]: One of the song on the album is called Potemkin City Limits. Why did you choose that name?

The title suits the song. A Potemkin City is a facade and what bigger facade can you imagine than a slaughterhouse putting up a statue in honor of a pig?

[DAVE] Who did the artwork on the album and what is the concept behind the cover art?

The artwork was done by a great Canadian artist named Kent Monkman. We are very, very lucky that he said we could use that painting. I hope we get him some admirers as a result. I can't comment really on his perspective of the artwork. It's about the clash between First Nations people and the Europeans. That is the famous American explorers Lewis and Clark in the painting. It appears they are beginning an orgy with the aboriginal people. Kent is an aboriginal artist. The drawing of us eating the human stew was drawn by me. Pen and ink! We are oblivious to the morbidity and suffering of our guests as well as the carcass that we munch happily on.

[DAVE] We had to wait five years between the last two albums and almost four years this time around. What is this long waiting period due to (writing process, recording)?

Yeah, we have to tour a bit… start mulling new ideas around in our heads and on our instruments. We had to ween our new buddy, Beaver, into the band. Time rushes by and as soon as we know it it's been three and a half years. We record get all the art together get the CDs pressed and it's been four years all of a sudden! It seems like a year or two to me.

[DAVE] What’s your take on the digital downloads? Do you think CDs will last for a few more years?

I'm not sure. I prefer people pay for the digital downloads since we practice like crazy, quit our jobs to tour, have to pay for recording etc. Some people cannot pay, that's understandable. The vast majority of people who check us out can. I don't worry about it to much. I gotta make tunes and have a good time! I think sitting down with the CD and lyrics and a high quality recording has to beat the way some people listen to a record on their shitty computer speakers. Although, I used to listen to tapes that were recorded so bad you could barely tell what was happening.

[DAVE] Will you release Supporting Caste as a vinyl?

Yes, it looks extremely good because of the cover art. how will it sound? Good, I hope!

[DAVE] What are your touring plans for 2009? Any plan to come to Quebec?

We will be coming to Quebec in May!!!!!!! See you there!?!!

[DAVE] Any last words for your fans here in Quebec?

Yes, VOIVOD rules the earth!!!!!!!

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