Hollow Ground (23 août 2006)

Entrevue de Cath avec Avrindher Dhillon

Vous voulez découvrir une excellente formation hardcore bien de chez nous? HOLLOW GROUND est la réponse. Le groupe a lancé l'an dernier un premier EP intitulé Cold Reality via l'étiquette Organized Crime de Chicago, et on vous conseille fortement de vous le procurer! Voici un entretien avec leur guitariste Avrindher.

[CATH] OK, so to start things off, some other horrendous band is called HOLLOW GROUND. Are you ready for the lawsuit?? They did form before you did...

[AVRINDHER] That they did. Hah! Hopefully not (don’t sue us if ya read this) – I got the name from a HAUNTED song – I hope they didn’t either hah.

[CATH] Are any members of the band involved with music in any other way outside of HOLLOW GROUND?

[AVRINDHER] We also have a band called FIRST STRIKE – it’s three guys from HG and two friends playing some old-school HC. It’s fun! Aside from that, I finished recording engineering school a while back, just gotta put it into use.

[CATH] Cold Reality, your first EP for Organized Crime, came out last year. Let’s play fill in the blanks:

Cold Reality is a record of...
Six crushing songs that we wanted to share with people.

Looking back, we would have added more... Low-end to the mastering, and made the bass louder.

The best part of our record is... The intro to Ill Fate. It’s such an awesome feeling playing that live and seeing kids go off!

“Cold Reality” is an accurate depiction of... I can’t talk for the lyrics since Jeff wrote them. But the songs itself are pretty much songs we’d love to hear from a band, simple yet brutal.

[CATH] What was the most challenging part of the writing/recording process?

[AVRINDHER] Writers-block is never fun! Haha. Compromise in writing together, in the end it worked out for the best we think. But for recording, we weren’t used to recording ten hours a day, but it really tested ourselves, and we had way too much of a good time recording with John Paul!

[CATH] Those are by far the shortest songs I've heard in a while. Do kids have such a short attention span – or do you?

[AVRINDHER] HAH. I think both! We thought of it this way – sometimes in songs, there’s filler and stuff ya kinda wanna fast-forward. We cut all of that out, and ya in the end it does come out with short-short songs, yet never boring (I hope!)

[CATH] How did you end up getting picked-up by Organized Crime?

[AVRINDHER] Our friend Bailey from FIGURE FOUR asked if we had any luck with our demos being heard, and suggested I get in touch with Clint Billington from Victory and Organized Crime. I e-mailed him our mp3s and hoped for the best. We hadn’t heard back, so figured he wasn’t interested. Then on tour with FIGURE FOUR few months later, we got an e-mail from him asking if we were still looking for a label. From there on, few phone-calls back and forth and we were signed! It was way exciting.

[CATH] Had you ever worked with a renowned producer on your previous recordings? How would you describe the experience you had working with John Paul Peters?

[AVRINDHER] In the past we only had recorded two demos with our friend Jared Weiss. This was our first time working with a well-known producer, and wow, let me tell you it was a GREAT experience. Nothing but good things to say about him- very smart, and laid back guy to record with. He knew what kind of sound we were going for, and would push us for achieving just that! We’d love to record with him again.

[CATH] You already have gained a reputation for delivering an extremely tight live performance. What were the shittiest and best conditions you've played in? When you look at a band like, say, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, who are I guess making a living off their band but can barely hold it together for one single song (and that's being polite) live, what does that tell you?

[AVRINDHER] The shittiest condition – hmm, we played a show with RAISED FIST few years back, and the power kept going out for our set. We’d start a song, and power would go out – we started again, power went out… this happened like four or five times. We said “if this happens once more, screw it” – luckily it didn’t, and we kept playing hah. The best condition is the benefit show we had for our friend Brandie Bailey last year – everyone got together to raise funds and had a ton of fun! The show was our best, sound wise, and crowd wise. I’ll never forget that show. To answer that 2nd part to that question – lot of bands these days write one catchy song and get huge right away – yet can’t hold a single note live, thanks to auto-tune and other studio magic. Studio magic is annoying – especially when it’s painfully obvious. [laughs]

[CATH] The HC scene in Winnipeg is pretty strong. Are there any specific factors that could explain this?

[AVRINDHER] Winnipeg has tons of talented kids, who are bored out of their minds! It’s a small city, and when there’s not much to do – bands are started and some shows turn out to be huge! We played one in January with FIGURE FOUR, COMEBACK KID, NO FOOLIN' and THE ALX – and wow, completely sold out show, kids had a great time! So if ya’re bored, start a band.

[CATH] The name HOLLOW GROUND would come up every time we had the chance to talk to the guys in COMEBACK KID, and they only had nice things to say about you. Your turn has come now – is there any local band from your area that you really respect and would suggest that we check out?

[AVRINDHER] That’s very nice of those guys, them and FIGURE FOUR have always supported us from day one – very cool people. Locally, wow – there’s so much talent here. To name a few: KEN MODE, NO FOOLIN', EVERY NEW DAY. Not quite locally, but only five hours away live a DOPE band, FAR FROM RUIN (Regina) – awesome kids, lot of heart. Check them out!

[CATH] What's in the plans for HOLLOW GROUND for the rest of the year? Any hopes for some new material to be released soon?

[AVRINDHER] We’re writing a lot riffs now for something new. We got five or six songs we can record now, I’d love to record some new stuff soon. We truly believe it’ll blow our first EP out of the water.

[CATH] Winnipeg is awesome because…

[AVRINDHER] A LOT of down to earth people reside here. The city itself may not be the nicest, but good people live here.

[CATH] The best lie you ever told about your band is...

[AVRINDHER] “Guys, I’m pregnant.” That may or may not have happened. [laughs]

[CATH] The first record you ever bought was...

[AVRINDHER] For rock, it was AEROSMITH's Live Classics II. For hc, RAISED FIST Stronger Than Ever in ’96.

[CATH] The last record you bought is...

[AVRINDHER] RISE AGAINST, The Sufferer and the Witness.

[CATH] Place that makes you feel like you belong the most:

[AVRINDHER] With family in Vancouver and India. Shows are good for that too most of the times.

[CATH] Best piece of advice you ever received:

[AVRINDHER] “Do what you want for yourself, not to impress somebody else – cuz in the end you’ll feel cheated.”

[CATH] The first band that completely changed your life:

[AVRINDHER] RAISED FIST and AT THE GATES. Both Swedish hah. Best bands come from there, it’s true.

[CATH] Someone/thing who/that inspires you:

[AVRINDHER] My friends in bands that are doing well. Always family and close friends.

[CATH] Last thing you would put into your mouth:

[AVRINDHER] A bee, or a wasp. Dude, I’m scared to death of those things.

[CATH] When you die, people will remember you for…

[AVRINDHER] Is this when the band dies, or me? When the band does, for our live show and twist on heavy HC. Myself, hmm – hopefully for being open-minded and being a reliable friend.

[CATH] First quote that comes to mind:

[AVRINDHER] SEXXXXY TIME. (borat) don’t ask me why I thought of that. [laughs]

Merci à Avrindher d'avoir pris le temps de discuter avec nous, et à Sean chez Invisible Youth sans qui cet entretien n'aurait pu être possible.

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